Berreta Elite Hand Gun

I made this gun a couple of days ago and I’m hopefully:yes: going to make a FPS game for it in Blender soon.


nice model lots of detail.
how many polys?

nice model is there there any way you could let other people use your models

Awesome model, love the fine detail!
But doesn’t it look a little too high poly for a game?

It has 1637 faces and I attached the .blend file for people to use it in their games as long as they mention that it was mine:evilgrin:


Berreta elite + reflection.blend (270 KB)

cool thx do have anymore gun models

yeah about 3 more but I need to put the finishing touches on them so they look as good as this gun

Make a small scene for this gun maybe. Make it lie on a table with bunch of bullets next to it…should also look good. Nice materials…like it.

I’ll post another GLSL preview as soon as I have finished texturing my hand model, it should look good in and FPS setup.

is it rigged and/or animated?

hello Blackrusader i am happy to see that people make assets for real time in blender! The gun is pretty cool, as i just made one myself i m sensitive to it.

I checked the file and i found that i was looking nicer by cheking “csp” in the diffuse map output: it reduce slightly the reflect specially for the down part of the gun…

I did this model a while ago tho, at the moment im working on a pulse rifle for the cyclon game and will probably post some images of that soon.

cool: can’t wait!
Thanks for sharing your file by the way!