Hey Blenderheads.
Here’s a few artwork ideas - Berry models for my project that i’ve made for further shapekeying so that i can make stuff to slowly grow in my project in order to get compounds for mixtures and making magic potions and other consumables and Paint. Green Star Effery, Blue Emetrix, Blood Bell, White Tamipoon, Alien Blue Nut, Fire Lightnings, Poison Hooks, Heart Berries, Deadly Purples, Figs of Healing, Nights Crystal, Tamerries, Toxic Chemigi, Curly Bean, Cyan Eye and Sunclaw… Still so many more to come up with. I hope this will inspire some people towards their creative clicks instead of throwing suicides under the train or jumping off the cliff, blowing their brains out with a gun, do drug overdose or jumping into bath with fan on.
These are not complete or finished artworks. Still need to bake them i guess to add some blobs, dots and lines for some.