Berserk-Demon (Free-To-Use-Blend File Included)


So my friends, it has been more than one year since I last worked with blender. I guess I was just frustrated that I made no progress in projects like this, although I always had an great interest in Modelling. :frowning:

Anyways I want to give it a try again and decided to start with really low-poly-modelling and basic stuff and also to work through many tutorials (what I have never done on a regular basis) and then maybe start to try something like this again.

I’m kind of sad that I never finished the Berserk, because I’ve put all my heart in it and many sleepless hours. But at this point I don’t really want to pick it up again and so I decided to give it to you guys in order to give him the chance to terrorize somebody else. :smiley:

I would love to see what you guys do with it so feel free to post the outcome here. Would be great if you’d give me some credits if you’re going to use it in a project but that’s not a must.

Enjoy, Robert



Berserk9.blend (809 KB)

haha damn it looks like you’ve taken the scariest things out of doom and merged them into one ugly scary ass mofo, even without eyes it looks like he’s staring into my soul.

This could get really creepy XD

The uhhhh… mouth/tentacles thing is pretty cool too, but depending on how malleable they are you might want to consider the effects of gravity. If they’re extendable noodley appendages though ignore me.

basically with the tentacles it should be abled to grab your face and suck all your flesh off before you can say sh*t :smiley:

I just made them to show where I wanted to go with the design - I will change them into a more like a … Octopus kind of thing. at the moment they are just “growing” straight out of the head (look at the side views) - this is going to change too :smiley:

for the body I think I will go in this direction Hellknight
hope I will get this done

greets, bib

okay a little bit of progress

I removed the tentacles and made some new ones - I will attach them after I finished the chest.

and the new tentacles

please crit as much as you can ! ;D

wow, that’s awesome work :d makes me think of pirates of the caribbean.
i really, really like this model, creative and original.
though the tentacles seem a bit too good for the personality of the character :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe my sister said the same thing :smiley:

what do you mean with “too good”? should they have spikes? :evilgrin:

If you are planning to animate, think of what parts are going to move. Like the eyelids, can you make them close realistically.

For anatomy, plenty of references for the medical profession. Gray’s is probably available on the Internet as whole, the copyright’s expired. your clavicle area don’t look right.

should they have spikes? :evilgrin:

i dunno, maybe, though it may come a bit unhandy.
I was just saying that they look like they’re from some friendly octopus.
you’re creative, you can think of something ‘bad’. :d :wink:

I have started now to work on the body - with only slow progress. The Back turns out to be pretty hard (especially the muscles). I made a descision on the mouth as you can see. I just attached the tentacles to show how it will look like (fine tuning will follow this week ;).

Next time I will post better rendershots (where you can see the advancement) sorry for this one

ElAkimein: I also worked on the clavicle although I don’t know what part exactly you meant. Thanks for the hint with Gray. I didn’t plan to animate it, but I think it can be optimized for Animation later on. :yes:

Okay I’ve worked on the back muscles and also the connections between chest and back (under the arms)

I also deleted the knot at the arm joint (it looked pretty odd…)

please Crit & Comment :slight_smile:

Love this model. For the tentacles, I agree, they’re a bit friendly, they don’t really evoke fear like say, the Alien’s sucker head does. My first idea when I saw the new ones was spikes as well, out of each of the “sucker” holes. Especially with the scale of the tentacles, I think the spikes would work well, as well, some plating on the backs of the tentacles would help add to the motif. Great muscle definition for the bulk of the character. This is one I wanna see finished, definitely.

hehe me too :smiley:

yeah I thought of the facehugger-spikes too.

Facehugger (Attention mean image)

but I guess I won’t make em expandable they will be outside the head all the time. But I’m still not shure about the mouth. At first I wanted to make like a mouth full of small theeth (like the star wars pit) but with the face hugger spikes… I’m tending to do a facehugger mouth. What do you think about that?

make him impaled with like rusty old nast spikes…like through his chest out his back… or like tubes running through him… id make the teeth things more gruesome looking…and add scratches and take off some of the skin some where so we can see inside him.

also are you going to add some like teeth…like the tentacles will like stick to your face while the teeth munch away at your tasty insides
here is a video link for some ideas

*** double post sorry for that ***

I didn’t want to have a zombietheme for this guy, you know. but when it’s done maybe I’ll do it in addition ;D

I think I’ll stick to the teeth because the mouth of the facehugger won’t really fit :no:

it’s funny, originally I didn’t want to start a big project like this, I just wanted to play around with blender and get back to using ot - and now this is the most detailed and complex model I’ve ever made :eek: Basically it’s the first attempt to try something organic and to model a whole body. I think that after this Berserk is finished, I’ll try to do a Human Model (maybe a friend of mine). Anyways thanks for all the Comments so far

i’m really following this thread :d
heh, that’s always how i start at a project…

'bout the model: i like it so far, but the back muscles are a bit weird.*
just don’t do random things, ok? think about what changes you make :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not doing random things, I had this Reference Image there you have those small muscles too, but I didn’t make them accurate enough :frowning: You also have to remember that it is the first time ever that I make a body in blender :yes: Nevertheless you are right of course and I try to fix it.

Anyways today I was only abled to work on the upper arm. I think the backside is pretty much anatomical correct but the front, top, and bottom look wrong. The problem is, that I only found reference pics for front and back and not from the top. I also pushed the shoulders closer to the body because they seemed to be too broad.

I post that many images, so that you hopefully can help me

btw next update will be in two weeks I guess because until that I have no chance to get into the internet. But of course I will proceed with my work until that. peace

okay as promised here is the update. It took a long time with only little progress. Maybe some C&C would help.


Hmm no replies so far… I hope you people don’t let me down. I’m still not shure about the arms. I’m kinda tweaking them every day a little bit. I also worked on the back-msucles aswell.

At the moment I’m facing some troubles with the legs and the hands. Believe me I had some strange looking things going on there :smiley: But I got some new reference images and I hope that I can post an proper update until next weekend.

Until then, cya

htats the coolest/scariest model ive ever seen its soo cool