Beryl Valley

Thought I would try a new series, with all the hype on mythical fantasies. Made with Blender 3D, MakeHuman, Papgayo, Adobe Master Suite, et al.

Not bad, but the lighting needs work. Sure they were sitting by the fire, but the “flashing” looks like one of those long florescent light bulbs could give out any moment. That can be annoying to some who watch this. Now I know that you also used the cloth modifier during the animation as well since there is the tell tale sign of the fabric bouncing from the fabric and the chain mail. As for the background, it may depict a night scene, but of course it feels a bit too fake.

Also, try to be a bit more dynamic in your scenes. The main two people who where talking through most of the video felt a little boring. There was very little emotion and the shape keys needs work. Since you made the characters entirely from MakeHuman, there was an article about MakeHuman creating some built in shape keys for the phonemes for a certain installation of Blender. When I come back, I could have the link posted here. But that means that your characters may need to be recreated again for it to be done.

So that’s my little critique for now.

Thanks for all your input. After all the views I only received yours on this site. I really appreciate it.