Bespoke Grade Ring

Ring made for a client specific requests
Aquamarine, diamonds, yellow gold

This jewel gets manufactured in the US

Render and modeling made in Blender 3.6

The render is made directly from the 3D print ready STL model

It then gets printed with an 8K resin printer


Nice looking ring, but damn, it looks like there’s a lot of extra money down in the Coachella valley…


Swastika Cross … ???


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Bruh hahaha :rofl:

Yeah, these lines crossings generate a swastika. We all saw that…

But what do you mean? Do you want to imply that I am a neonazi, a Hitler follower? Or that my client is? Or do you want a gold medal for “the best swastika spotter in the hood” ?

Or do you want the swastika shape to be banned from the entire planet? Are you familiar with Lalibela Churches? Man you would have a hard time there. But then do you happen to have knowledge of the real origin and meaning of the swastika before Hitler stole it?

But apparently if I would use the rainbow in one of my artworks would that mean that I support the LGTBQ+ community or that I myself is gay or trans?

Oh and also, a bespoke or customized work… (hint: in bespoke artworks, most if not the entire aesthetic of the work is provided by… The client)


I don’t know what Neil meant but I think you can take it as “There is a hidden swastika, not sure if it’s something worth flagging with the client.”

Some clients are very careful about this kind of thing, some are not (even if it is the asset they gave you). If it’s an asset that they’ve used for ages with no issues then imo not worth bringing it up with them. If they gave you the asset, i don’t think you’re responsible anyway but you could be doing them a favor if you pointing it out spares them future issues.

tbh I didn’t see it until it was pointed out.


Weird thing to bring up in a conversation about swastikas :face_with_raised_eyebrow: you sure you want to take that stance?

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I have been doing this for more than 20 years. If a client want a skull, a 666, with a star, a bunny, a heart in the middle and a swastika underneath it, well that’s the client’s tastes. Obviously I can choose to refuse to do the work for ideology, and sometimes I do. But the client’s taste is the client’s taste. I am not here to judge, and also I am not here to pin point. That is never a favor to the client.

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You have a perverse way of mixing meaning and sense where there are not. The conversation was extended to “symbols and meanings” pretty quickly. The fact that you deliberatly decide to go over that trying to make me mean things I have never meant… Is something you do quite often, and is not appreciated, nor correct. So keep your intents to deform my words to yourself.

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uhh before this derails to a debate on modern ideologies, I’ll just mention that I think the cross this is a symbol of the Navajo I think

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Well, maybe

Actually, maybe not, my memory was spotty

Someone pointed out a swastika, you replied relating it to a rainbow in terms of expressing ideology, and I replied to your reply, taking what you said and brought up and responding to it directly. Like all humans do when they communicate, I took your words and responded to them. If that bothers you, then don’t say things. You can’t get mad at people for replying to things you said - that’s how conversations work :wink:

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No I didn’t. I answered about the culture and origin of the swastika, and how you shouldn’t relate it to nazis every single time.

Then I talked about another example of symbol, the rainbow, and how you shouldn’t relate it to specific social groups.

Thus showing and explaining that symbols and social groups are not to be misinterpreted.

That’s how meaning and understanding works :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(you took some of my words and some of my meaning, and mixed them and related them in ways you specificaly choosed to alter the meanning and the connexions. That’s how bully, manipulative peoples and deceitful persons works :wink: )


Actually I have never seen this cross in my life. And there is no information about it’s origin whatsoever. The client sent the cross.

Does someone knows that cross?

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Do not call a mod in the website you’re posting in a bully, or manipulative.
That’s a very quick way to get suspended

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Hey, about the swastika, we can’t ignore the historical use of it with the Nazis, as well as about the rainbow, if you use it now, our historical context makes us believe that you’re a supporter of the LGBTQ+ (if you use the similar symbol as the queer community use). The symbols aren’t in a metaphysic world, they change their meaning every day. We can’t be naive and say, the swastika was used before the Nazis so it doesn’t mean “nazi”.

I don’t condemn you for doing this kind of work since you’re just a proletariat trying to live under capitalism, of course in my ideal world you wouldn’t have to.

Now, about it being just the client’s taste, yes, but let’s be clear what that taste is. This client wants to exterminate people like me (latin, black), by doing this kind of work you’re helping promote this ideology, even if it’s not your goal. Besides, you’re communicating that this ideology is acceptable.

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Ah, just to add this real quickly. If the work is for historical purposes, It’s completely okay to make these symbols as long as it’s clear to the audience that it’s not promoting the ideology.

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Or… people seeing a nazi swastika in that cross when there is no meaning at all about swastika and ideology…


Yes and you can’t ignore history before either. Meaning change, they changed before and they will change again.

One day like everything, the swastika, will like anything else long been forgotten, and all it’s historical and social meanings. All of them. Like so many others symbols that existed.

You are free to want to force the actual meaning of any symbol using the actual social meaning. But then also anybody is free to use previous historical and social meanings. We are all wrong either way.


That’s exactly what I’m saying, most people know the swastika because of the Nazis, today that’s the general meaning, if something happens in the future and it changes to another thing, it doesnt matter right now because it didnt happen yet.

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