Best 3D Animation College?

I didn’t know quite where to put this, so I figured here…

I am an 11th grade student, searching for a good 3d animation college, where I can also get a few classes on 2D animation too. I don’t know about any colleges, and haven’t found any online.

If you could help me, that would be great.

God Bless,

Im starting my BA(Hons) 3D digital design at Kent Institute of Art and Design(KIAD) in 2 days, the course is sponsored by EA games, and they pay for all the servers and workstations, and the laser arm(this laser arm is so cool, you point it at an object, eg a apple, and each laser shot is stored as point or vertice in the object) and a laser moulder, which creates your digital 3d image into a real object. As part of the enrolement week we get a tour of EA game design studios over here in the UK.

(1) Where are you looking for a college (in the USA, etc.)?
(2) What kind of 3D/2D modelling do you want (computer game animation, film animation…)?

i know some colleges, depending on what ur looking for…

  1. USA
  2. Mostly Film Animation, for movies and TV and such.