Best 3d art programs to Buy for my Buck_(budgeted buck)

I am considering spending some* money on some other things in addition to blender… what would be the best things to buy that are reasonably afforded to help me?
I do know about substance painter and photoshop, neither of which I have yet. Anything else?

RetopoFlow and Hard Ops come to mind.

Hard Ops is very well priced, you only have to pay $15 +. RetopoFlow is a bit expensive at $71.25, more suited to people that rely heavily on sculpting.

Really hard to say in general and depends a lot on your needs. If you do some hard surface modeling Hard Ops for sure is very useful and has a great price point. Personally I love Substance and I would consider Substance Live a pretty god rent to buy deal. Photoshop is great and I use it every day but to be honest it is not what you need for CGI (too many stuff you’ll hardly ever need and lack of full 32bit support). Other then that and a few other cool but situational addons for blender there are not too many great things one con buy with only spending “some” money

Instead of Photoshop, check out Affinity Photo. I bought it this week and liking it a lot.