best 3d program

whats the best 3d program that has the best realistic 3d graphics, and best 3d effects?
heres and example of what i mean

look here:
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Well blender duh…

Stop asking stupid questions. Your other thread is as stupid as this one.

in my time in these forums i think ive seen a total of 12 threads completely simular to this one, and WHY? why does this even matter to people? get a damn demo of other softwares and decide for your self, there, i said it.

Its not the 3D program its the artist behind it…

That’s a typical answer you’d expect to hear and yet is far from the truth.

In terms of realism which is what he’s primairly asking; using a primitive renderer is not going to get you anywhere regardless of how good of an artist you are. This is computer generated graphics - we rely upon technology both hardware and software, then we rely upon ourselfs.

Sure, you can use as many power tools as you like to make a sculpture and a professional artist could use sticks and stones, however assuming all people are equal, using both will be the fastest route for the same outcome.


Certainly blender is a fair contender within modeling of most objects. I’d assume its main limitations will be the tool set not being as comprehencive as it could be, and many of the other features applied to a compleated mesh and many rendering attribute would be it’s pitful - simply because it’s not driving the movie /animation industry.

We’re copying other companies, borrowing their ideas and making some of our own along the way.

Certainly, you can do alot in blender, but if you need a guarenteed application that can be proven to bring those kind of results then you are looking at 3DS Max, Maya and Lightwave. Not just for the modeling aspect but for the rendering engine used and their semi-seamless intergration into those applications.

However, if you havn’t got the money so spend on that type of thing take a step back to reality, continue using blender which is still capable of 3D-realism and worry about producing Warcraft cinematic trailers look alikes after you’ve steped and conquered the 3D graphic’s learning curve and hurdles.

MSPaint + 1000 hours.

Well MSPaint does have a line tool, that’s all you need to visualize before dabbing the color pixel by pixel.

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What kind of question is that?

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