Best 3D web design?

I am still working on getting the State of Flux website fully operational. One thing I am painfully aware of is that it looks, well, not very cool. At this point it is only the most basic information and links to the newly erected first challenges.

But I need inspiration.

I have never done a full website for 3D before. As the site might hint, I usually do only basic corporate information pages (yes, businesses pay enough money for that to make a nice living, believe it or not :rolleyes:). So I would like to know what the best-looking 3D related (preferable Blender-related) websites you know are! something that conveys both information and a sense of drama, for lack of a better term. Something with definite cool to it. I need all the inspiration I can get if I am to make State of Flux look good, so better 10 suggestions too many than 1 too few.

What are the coolest looking and coolest functional 3D websites you can think to be inspired by??

First thing get rid of that huge png image and replace with a correct size jpg at a fraction of its file size.

I agree. It loaded very slowly.

I am well aware it is not very good. I changed the png to jpg, but what I am really looking for is a better idea of what might be done with the look, rather than just adjusting a few things with it. The current thing is just a placeholder, really.

Are there any good website looks you have in mind for inspiration?

get some left margins and look for good examples on the web. this one, for example, has 200+ pages designed to demonstrate css design, all based on the same html:

blendercookie is really cool, lots of tutorials and good design IMO.

You web is still in very early stages, I suggest you do a mockup in GIMP or Photoshop first to let us know what you want and how can we help to improve it. Then it comes all the hassle…CSS, JS, etc…

BTW I use png for all my websites, jpg just lacks quality and doesn’t support alpha. You can compress png as well.

You can take a look at my website for inspiration if you want:

The problem is I am not really into it for the design, I am very information-oriented (I barely ever even notice the design on sites I frequent, I just read the contents). But if anything is to attract attention (positive attention, that is) today, it needs to look good. So I am trying to understand what “looking good” even means these days :eek:

I made the website exclusively for the Blender challenges posted there. I have nothing special that I want the website itself to look like. But people are commenting more on the website than the challenges, so I will need to do something to make people focus on the challenges again. It seems I have to make the website “look good” to do that… :spin:

You don’t notice it because good design makes sense and blends in with the content. Your design should compliment your content’s flow.

There are a ton of conventional rules that web designers follow because it’s been proven over time that certain design aspects work coming from a user’s point-of-view, even if it doesn’t make sense to a developer or designer.

Take a look at any major website, most notably those developed by larger companies or organizations. All of those have been developed by designers that understand those concepts, so I’m sure you’ll find inspiration rather quickly. I also second nf3 - the CSS Zen Garden site is a great place to go for inspiration.

You mentioned your not as much into the design, but I’d recommend really taking the site design seriously. If you don’t feel you have the design skills to do it yourself, look to someone who does for help and advice. The web is all about design these days. Good luck!

Then you should try/learn to produce valid and semantic mark-up.

You asked for 3D websites, you got it (literally) :wink:

Personally I think that most (if not all) CG websites are too crowded, I would go for a more sleek design that is not filled to the edge with tables and stuff.

If you want to you can have a look at my design for a CG-leaned website (it is a wordpress theme but still). I hope that you can find some inspiration in my works :slight_smile:

(CG images used in my design does not belong to me, they are Copyrighted to their respective owners)

While looking around for inspiration, I tried a familiar look. Just for fun. If it works, let me know :slight_smile:

I am trying to wrap my head around a lot of these things, but all the rules and practices hinted at are alien to me, so I would really love to actually know a couple of them, or somewhere that has them listed. I am not a webdesigner as such, I just put up webpages for various things here and there, so I lack the background things you hint at.

I have about eight different ideas of what that might mean. What does it actually mean?

Perhaps switching to another font? I think arial is much prettier on websites, but I’m sure you could find some cool ones too.

I have about eight different ideas of what that might mean. What does it actually mean?[/quote]
To save myself repeating what’s already being said many times elsewhere, I’ll just point you at wikipedia and the W3C validator.

Cool, I will toy with that a bit. Are you refering to the old main page or the new familiar look one?

I will be reading into that. For some time, it seems! :spin: