Best addon for mechanical gears


I’m looking for a good addon in blender that would allow me to make mechanical (3D printable) gears with enough precision to allow them to work in real life.

Does anyone know of a good addon that would allow me to create that? If that isn’t possible, then a recommendation for a free CAD program that could do the same would be nice.

Have you enable in the User Preference > Addons > Add Mesh > Extra Objects ?
You find a Gear Object then under Add > Mesh > Gears [CTRL+A]

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I have enabled that. It is more suited for artistic use, as real gears have a lot of parameters that aren’t shown in that specific addon.
I found blender mechanical gears ( but its old and I’m not sure if it would work.

Also what I really need is some way of modifying the gear mesh in a radially symmetrical manner so I can change the diameter of the actual gears while keeping the teeth more or less the same length.

I just found this page

As you can see you can download svg files.



Thank you! That is fantastic!

This is a great program for making spur gears. how do I use the gears in a blender program in a svg type file. I am also looking to fing a similar program to generate bevel gears, rack and pinion type gears to use in blender

You can import the SVG (File>Import>SVG) and then extrude it. You might have to enable a plugin to allow SVG import

This was the best Gear making tool for blender.

You can create any Professional gears in seconds.

IT’s a bit old so it may take some messing around to get it working on newer versions of blender its but well worth the trouble once working.

Best I found so far: Blender Add-On for creating geometricaly correct gears - by Sergey Drachev
I found his addon via youtube :slight_smile:

Links to Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.80 can be found in the description…

or via direkt link
2.79 -
2.80 -

(Works in 2.82 too)




Wow this looks amazing, thank you very much :+1:

The newer version also allows you to automatically add a driver.
Thanks to the Author.