Best addons/tips for modeling architectural models

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I’m about to start modeling some interiors and wondered if anyone had recommendations for addons? Or perhaps there are already features in Blender 2.8 which would be useful to know about?

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Looks like Archimesh and/or Archipack might be the way to go?

I’m not sure how the two relate so will look into this more. Perhaps someone else has some experience?

I suggest trying both and decide yourself. They are very similar to use. I used mainly Archipack, because it had Pro version and I wanted to test its free version first. You can check the pro version here:

Some other useful addons:

  • TinyCAD Mesh Tools addon is useful for vertex & edge interactions.
  • fspy for camera/perspective matching. It has an addon Blender for importing.
  • CAD-like transform addon is recently released. Its snapping feature is amazing.
  • You can use Blenderkit to populate your scenes.
  • Quixel Bridge is my recent favorite tool. This allows you to import Megascan Assets to Blender. You can use it as an asset manager as well if you setup your custom assets in there.
  • Check Simple Asset Manager as well.
  • Photographer is a great addon for realistic camera & lighting adjustments.
  • Check Render Button and Camera Manager addon for useful camera & render tweaks. Also it has a great batch rendering feature (rendering multiple cameras in one click).

Thanks Filibis,

This is an amazing help! Looking forward to checking out the other addons too.


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