Best advice

Hey Y’all
Just got kicked with an idea of making up logics layout pic with screenshot
of opened options to help you to think by keeping its unwapped plane in background
of your modelling process without wasting time by clicking in order help you to think.

You should continue to make it all tight and neat with all of the stuff
in logic. Your workflow and coming up with ideas will improve dramatically
aswell as your dopamine levels will increase from experiencing your
personal success in what you click towards.

And dont forget the chain reaction possibility of doubling for example
1 of 8 generator to pass 1 chance for throwing another one to have
1 of 15 which popped into my mind after making 1 of 12
and who knows maybe i would continue until 1 of 100 and
unnecesarily overload the system with unnecesary junks
and excess to kill ram.

Peace :anger: