Best Appication for....??

What is the best application for vector drawing?

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inkscape is pretty good (well it does what I need anyhow) and its free
so you can try it with no worries

Depends on what you mean by “drawing”.

Inkscape is the free open source version of Adobe Illustrator. These apps focus entirely on vector based assets, however I wouldnt call them “drawing” applications.

Mischief on the other hand is a drawing application that makes use of vector data in a brush like form.

Expression Design is pretty good for vector brushes. Based on Expression 3.3:

It is now a free download. Discontinued, though.

I still prefer the old 3.3 version, though. If you look around on the web it can still be downloaded. Here is the mac version:

I have been keeping an eye on Mischief - it looks quite interesting.