Best approach to animated rosebud opening

I have been thinking of a few ways to animate a rose bud opening. But I’m not sure what approach would be best. Should I animate shape keys for each individual petal? Maybe I could animate an array. Or possibly petals scaled and then use a rigging. Then I thought of a lattice to modify the petals. If anyone has done something like this, I’d like to know some suggestions of the best way to do this type of animation. I’d ultimately like to have the stem and leaves grow as the bud opens too.

Sounds like a good job for an Action Constraint.

You could model one or more variations of a petal, create some shapekeys for movement (you can do this with a lattice and apply the shape as a shapekey to get some variety), add a bone to the petal, create some custom properties on the bone to drive the shapekeys with sliders, duplicate the petals and bones to create the flower, ( you can do this with an array) then make an animation of the rose opening and add action constraints to all of the bones to drive that animation with an action constraint. You’ll need a root bone, a control bone for the action constraint and a bone for each petal.

That may be a lot to take in. I could possibly make an example file, but I am sort on time this week. Maybe by the weekend if I get a chance.

Good luck!

Thanks, but I’ll have to become familiar with some of those things, such as action constraints. It will be a learning experience for me.