Best approach to animated space stars?

Hi, what I want is to have animated stars at my space scene background; then after some thinking I found two possible ways:

1 - use one plane for each star; there will be not many stars planes as I do not want unnecessary frame drops on the player computer. They would be animated by python

2 - Use a cube with a stars texture on each side; the texture would be a video(but it would need to repeat several times throughout a face). Only 6 faces would be needed

I was thinking about the solution 2; the cube is big, so the video texture would have to repeat itself like a regular texture throughout a cube face, but I think video textures can only play in an entire face I’m right? Also I think doing so may not be optimal; I do not want to make a huge sized video to use as texture if a video texture can’t be repeated over a plane.

Is the above possible/better? Otherwise I will simply go the one plane for each star way.

Thanks for your opinion

After some though I decided to go the one plane for each star way; why?

1 - I will need only 1 image file with little width and height for all the stars, while the other way I would need 1 video file, which consists of several images(so bigger file size), and the image width and height would probably be bigger than that of a sole star texture.

2 - I think a repeated video texture for space stars would easily show a pattern, be it in the star positioning or in its shining behavior.

3 - I watched a gameplay video from Spore on youtube, the quantity of star planes don’t get even close to a real night sky usual quantity( at solar system navigation mode); and that hadn’t bothered me when I played this game, the same for the other players I think, just a few star planes wisely arranged can do the trick(much less than I thought at first).

Even with me probably not going the video texture way I still would like to know if it is possible to repeat a video texture thought a single face of an object, and if that would mean playing several copies of the same video and if the workload of the computer would be too much.