Best Auto Retopology tool ever? 3Dcoat 2021.80

I downloaded 3Dcoat 2021.80. The Autotopo is so good and fast now!

Quick test. Right original mesh. I’ll let others try to figure out which of the other meshes is 3Dcoat Autotopo and which is QuadRemesher.

Another test of a 26 million poly mesh retopologized to 15,000 in less than 1 minute. Slower than Quad Remesher, but not bad at all. I didn’t even have symmetry on and it seems to have seen the symmetry by itself and made a line down the middle.

As good as the Autotopo is in 3Dcoat now I recommend hitting it without any densities drawn or flow drawn and see what it does. If quads don’t go the right way draw a line to hint it in the right direction like Instant meshes.

Absolutely great job whoever made this!


Have you seen this?


This result was obtained using Zbrush’s ZRemesher.

I’m confident that the left result is Autopo, as I see a six-sided singularity (shared vertex between six edges), which as far as I know never happens in ZRemesher / Quad Remesher. Such a singularity remains a visible artifact after subdivision.

But other than that, the overall topology flow and quad face distribution looks better in Autopo. There also seems to be no edge loop spiraling around the eye cavity, while the ZRemesher result does suffer from edge loop spiraling there. But the mouth cavity is better defined in the middle result, assuming that is Quad Remesher.

I did this comparison years ago:


I heard about the 3D coat, but didn’t know the details. However, the result of the 3D coat looks impressive too!

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The auto retopo tool in 3d coat is great, but the manual retopology feature looks great too. It looks similar to Blender’s RetopoFlow, but more powerful and useful. Smart-Retopo Tool (Using Curves) in 3DCoat 2021 - YouTube

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This new algorithm also looks very promising:


It looks similar to Instant meshs, but the quad polygon flow looks better!

That result looks really good. Although that rabbit must be getting so tired of getting experimented on by now. It must be thinking " why does the teapot never get used in these tests."

3D Coat is a great app. I have only really tried the paint and texturing room in 2021 up untill now but it’s very fast smooth and intuitive. Much faster than it was before. The manual retopo feature set looks very good but not tried it properly yet. Also the sculpting brush engine was updated.

Is 3Dcoat 2021.80. the latest official release or a working beta ?


Yeah. I think it looks a lot more like AutoRemesher than Instant Meshes:

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But it’s included in 3D coat for free once you bought 3D coat
No need to pay for future plugin unexpected changes or manage plugins updates :+1:

Let’s try auto retopo on 3D Coat 2021.70 with more complex shapes than a bunny :sweat_smile:

Poly required = 1000 Capture details 80%
Not good, details are not kept because too low polygons.

Poly required = 5000 Capture details 80%
It’s better, but seems 5000 poly is not enought, and not good on cylinder shapes and some other details

Poly required = 10 000 Capture details 90%
Better, but still unabme to detect edges and details shapes.

Autopo using Instant Mesh auto
5000 polys
Way better overall and on on details

Autopo using Instant Mesh auto
10 000 polys
Instant mesh is again the winner, better polygons and able to detect geometry details

I don’t use auto retopo on my workflow because i need great retopology and optimization for real time; but if i had to use it in 3D coat i would use Instant Meshes for sure.

For Blender you need to buy addons, there is no good auto retopo way out of the box.
Remesh with value = 1 , too high density and already loosing details
3D Coat or Instant Mesh stays the best options for lower polycount values.

I’ll have to try 3D Coat 2021.80 when available and see if there is a difference.


I did a more complex model like you have above with 2021.80 and got the following. Even though the Autopo is 15k and the Instamesh was set to 10k it seems as though the instamesh has more polys.

Autopo 15k no lines or densities drawn. Flow around the circles seems good.

Instamesh 10k some lines drawn

Quadremesher 10k

Quadremesher does a great job and I’d say it has the win with getting a solid mesh fastest with no more work required. It detects the geometry well enough where it makes most loops where they should be and has geometry go where it should go.

Good about Autopo
With Autopo it has a benefit over Quadremesher of being able to set a geometry flow if it gets it wrong in a place. Densities of parts can be drawn to have higher poly count as well. In the quadremesher photo in the middle of the chest it would be nice if those polys could go up down instead of diagonal. In Autopo I could make that happen.
Downsides of Autopo
I’ve been having to click Mesh > Relax after because the geometry is a bit under the surface. Hope it’s a bug they fix soon or maybe I have a setting wrong. Autopo is a bit slower than Quadremesher and gives some strange geometry in parts or holes at times. In the picture above at the boarder those close polys popped up after Relax and are close to each other. It was done without mirror on so with mirror probably better, but still mirror should not have to be used.

Instamesh is great for getting a good mesh solid mesh out fast. Being able to give it a geometry flow is great. The major downside of Instamesh is not being able to easily tell it loops to make. There are some loops I want for sure. In Instamesh I can only give it lines to kind of make it flow that way not a definite this is where a loop should be. Without loops set and the calculation they are running it seems to run off of the loops it should have.


@watercycles You haven’t confirmed yet if I was right or wrong about which remeshers you used in your initial post. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was waiting for more guesses, but it’s been a while so I’ll reveal. The middle is Quad Remesher and the left is Autopo. I couldn’t figure out a way to get Quad Remesher to get the flow going up down between the eyes. In Autopo it didn’t want that flow, but I put a loop there and it did it. If it was a perfect mirror Quad Remesher would have done a fantastic job getting the line down the middle.

Quad Remesher is so good it I’ve never seen it do 6 sided singularity so that is a bit of a give away as well.


:smiley::+1: So what have I won? :wink:

Yeah, QR needs more guidance options. That’s where ZRemesher still has the edge. But QR will get guidance in the next update. Don’t know when that will be released though.

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Ypour examples seem higher than 10K or it’s 3D coat auto retopo value that is only approximation ?

I’ll have to wait for 3D Coat 2021.80 to be available and try it, but it seems it’s good improvment, i’ll try with lower polygons like examples i posted.

I agree Quadremesher seems the best.
Is there a free version to test i would like to test with lower polygons similar to examples i posted ?


Yep, there’s a time-limited trial version:


QuadRemesher looks good with 5000 polys, great overall edge loops.

Good enough at 2000 poly, while needs rework on some areas

Using 2000 polys with vertex colors, not better, and loosing edge loops on detail areas.

So depending on your needs QuadRemesher making good edge loops or Instantmesh able to work well on very low poly, i think are the best options for auto Retopo.

While for real time and game Simplygon is the way if you got budget.

I will test 3D Coat new Autopo version also.


The most valuable prize of all. Knowledge.

With Unreal Engine they have a built in engine for making LODs. They used to have Simplygon, but got rid of it for their in house solution that is better. If someone wanted to use it for reducing polys you could import to Unreal, make LODs, then Export the LODs. Nice and free.
Quad Remesher does the best job with the polys allowed. Way better than Simplygon or Unreal. I only use Unreal when I don’t really care what the LODs look like. Unreal is fast and easy and it keeps the textures at the right place with the new mesh. No need for UVing again.