Best bang-for-the-buck video cards for Blender 2.8?

I’m currently using a 3 GB GTX 580 card on Windows. My understanding is that Blender 2.8 supports CUDA 9, which means that the GTX 580 card will no longer be supported. So I’m in the market for a new Windows video card.

I’m willing to spend up to $400. What cards provide the most bang-for-the-buck with respect to Blender 2.8 in this price range? I will be working primarily with stereoscopic animation using EEVEE and Cycles.


…this is the best you will get in the $400 range… gtx 1070ti with 2560 cuda cores. I would like to recommend a mildly used 1080ti but you simply can’t trust used graphics cards from the crypto-fever-era…

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Look for gtx 1080,1070ti,Vega 56

I would personally get a used 1080. 2nd hand hardware always has a risk, but most of the used Pascal gpus are still on warranty, and if they’re faulty, you’ll know it from the start. I agree with @MikesWonderland about the crypto mining frenziness, but with a warranty coverage of let’s say 2 years more, there is still enough time to discover if everything is OK with the gpu.

Wait a couple of months. The 2000 series is coming and will likely have something better at your price point.

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i would say buy now a pascal gpu a gtx 1070ti or gtx 1080 or even vega 56/64 and wait for 7nm gpus when they come

I would like to, but I think my video card is beginning to die. (It’s either the video card, RAM, or motherboard…but previous problems point to the video card.) I wasn’t planning to upgrade until early next year, but with my video card (probably) flaking out, it’s as good of a time as any to make the jump…

What about this particular 1070ti?

Or should I stick with EVGA?

I would recommend the EVGA over this one (all day long)… reason is the components used on the MSI…
3 spinning fans = 3 times the vibration… dust build up… 3 bearings that can die on you (well… that is a very extreme example, haha) instead of one.

Gotcha. Thank you!