Best Blender settings for tablet PC? Pen has only 1 button

I am new to this forum. I have an Acer Travelmate Tablet PC that Blender runs nicely on but I am trying to figure out how to model with the stylus pen as opposed to using a mouse. The pen has no MMB (middle mouse button) and with the default blender control settings it appears I can’t get by without a mouse. Is there a setting or settings under user preferences or somewhere else in Blender that is optimal for a tablet PC?

I also have a Tablet Pc and it’s totally a Joy to Model in Blender with it! Really all you need to do is Hold down the “alt” key. That will make your stylus act like a “middle mouse button”.
Another thing I would reccomend is getting a one handed playstation controller. Mine is an Ascii Grip made by AsciiWare. I bought it off Amazon for $3!!! Or if you have a USB playstation controller laying around that works too! Once you have your controller search on Google for a program called “Joytokey” It will take game controller input and conver it to keystrokes of your choice. This way you don’t have to use the keyboard while working on your tablet. you can program all your hotkeys into the joystick! So you can totally have your tablet in your lap, your stylus in one hand and the joystick in the other!

Thankyou for this information! The alt key does indeed make the stylus click into middle mouse button. How about moving verticies in edit mode? I have to select a vertice first by holding the stylus button (same as mouse right click on my stylus) and tapping on the vertice and then I click and drag the vertice. Is there a way to sculpt a surface mesh by just clicking on a vertice and dragging it in one single stroke?

you should be able to select and drag with just one click, just right click the vert and start dragging without letting up.

Yup, pressing the stylus button (right click) and clicking and dragging on the vert works great. Is there an easier way to pan and zoom? I press the ALT and SHIFT keys and click-drag the stylus to pan. I press the ALT and CNTL keys and click-drag to zoom. Can keys be reassigned so I only have to press one key for zoom and another for pan? How do rotate, pan, and zoom with the playstation controller?

Wait a minute. I have a pressure sensative drawing pad too, but can’t find it easier to use Blender with it. Is there something that I am missing? The only good use that I have with the PAD is making UVmaps for Blender, in PaintShop or Gimp.

You know another thing you should do is go to the Wacom website and install the Wacom Pen Abled driver. Once you have that installed run the wacom configuration application and select your stylus and hit “options” in options make sure that “Side Switch Expert Mode” is turned OFF! There’s probably a way to turn it off using whatever driver Acer provides too! I just can’t remeber right now and anyway that Wacom Pen Abled Driver willl make your pen work better anyway. Your pen technically has two buttons right? The stylus and the button on the side? If you turn off the “Side Switch mode” it will make your pen act more like a normal mouse so the tip will be left mouse, the button on the side the right mouse and then hold down “alt” to get middle mouse. So for editing vertices you would just right click on them with the side button and then manipulate them with the Widget or by hitting the “G” key.

This friend of mine has a blog you should check out. On the left side he has a couple nice rants about setting up the tablet PC better. Also I highly reccomend putting “Tab Tip Tamer” into the search box on his site and reading anything associated with that. It’s an excellent little program that makes drawing on the tablet much more smooth. I used to get little hiccups with mine or it would draw way slower than my hand for example and once I installed this Tab Tip Tamer it really helped it was nearly perfect. :slight_smile:

if you wanted to rotate, pan zoom etc… with the playstation controller you would have to program that JoytoKey program to map the buttons on the Controller to buttons on the keyboard. Unfortunatly you’ll only have about 16 buttons total on the playstation controller, so you have to be pretty tricky when programming it for blender since it uses so many hotkeys for everything. However, other programs like photoshop, gimp, illustrator, flash etc… you can pretty much cover most of the bases in those with the 16 buttons. You may want to stick to the keyboard for now until your more used to working in blender with your tablet pc and know what hot keys would be best to program into the playstation controller.

Also I just wanted to make it clear that all of my post’s here only pertain to TABLET PC’s. Not drawing tablets, wacom tablets, stand alone drawing pads, etc… Most of the info provided won’t matter much on those.

Thankyou citrus_lad for your help. I downloaded the wacom driver and its like I have a new tablet PC! I didn’t know it had pressure sensitivity (I tested it in GIMP). I changed the right-mouse-click function of stylus button. But I still have to press ALT-SHIFT to pan and ALT-CNTL to zoom, right? Or is there a way to just press one button? Also, I don’t have a number pad on my notebood-style keyboard. Is there a configuration in Blender for notebook keyboards for operations like front view, camera view, etc. ?

In the system settings tab in blender, click “emulate numpad.” That makes the number keys act as numpad buttons. You can’t switch layers on and off with a keystroke any more, but I find view switching more useful.

Also check out the nostromo speedpads:

Gives you about 16 programable keys with three additional shift modes = 64 programable buttons. Plus it also has a d-pad and full function scroll wheel. Also the keys can be programmed to send a series of key presses (with or without time delays), so you can do simple key macros…

Actually it is almost to complicated/configurable to use %| . It does work okay as a one handed keyboard though, since the keyboard emulator in winXP Tablet doesn’t work so hot with Blender.

kattkieru- thanks for the tip on the num keys! That helps alot!
ericsh6 - rotate,pan, zoom: you pretty much have to hold down alt+cntrl, etc… or with the joytokey or the belkin you could program 1 key to do both
those funtions for you.