Best Blender Users

Well, apparently I’m bored, so I decided to start a list of the blenderartists who really stand out. I know I’ll miss some.

Robert Tiess
Ben Dansie
Ben Simonds
Alex Glawion
Mike Pan
Ricardo 3D
Endi (Endre Barath, abc123)
Rozmiarek (mookie3D)
Martinsh (Martin Upitis)
lucas Falcao
The M.h.p.e.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Can’t argue with that list but I would definitely add Jonathan Williamson.

Certainly seems good. :slight_smile:

+1 on that also I think I’d add Chris Kuhn to the list.

Kent Trammell.

By what criteria do you judge “Best” and “really stand out”. Because I know I could take many of you in a fist fight. And others in a road race. There are certainly some I could out-drink as well.

I probably couldn’t do any of those actually.

You must be the pride of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. :slight_smile:

Yes, a legend in my own mind. But I doubt I could actually out-drink an Australian…

Or an irish-man for that matter. :wink:

Well I’m German, so we could have a pretty good fight about who would win:eyebrowlift2:

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@ndy needs to be at the top of the list somewhere…

I take that as a challenge!

international blender day festival ?

triathlon + drinking contest THEN the modeling contest…

then I may have a chance!

I don’t drink that often, but me and my family have been known to drink a whole keg of stout in one sitting…

Oh, wow. You should be on this list. I’ve always loved your work.

Quandtum has some good stuff i’ll admit. Also excallaberr

Please put me also in that list

I think that Peter18 is quite good! really helpful and gives good advice cough cough DDD i think is a great member

In some ways if this thread continues, I kind of feel it maybe should also include categories, like sculpting, modeling, animation, rigging ect… While there would be many crossovers of course, I think it would highlight those who really stand out in certain areas.

And no, I won’t be nominating myself for any categories, but I do admire the work of many that were noted above, and look forward to checking out some of the Blender artists I haven’t heard of before.