best bryce animation I have seen

The coolest bryce animation that I have seen to date, you can find it here:

Also, Bryce5.5 is free in case some of you didn’t know that.

From the looks of the images and the render time even with Bryce lightning I can say the Bryce renderer is still as slow as they say it is.

Also, I find you need HDR lighting to get rid of the Bryce’y look I heard about before. In Blender you can use HDR, AO, or a good lighting setup with soft shadows in the SVN builds.

Wow! that’s good for Bryce!
Of course, I don’t know if the animating system has improved since I last used it, which was years ago, but from my memory, I’m not sure why anyone would want to put themselves through the torture of animating in Bryce.
Thanks for sharing gat!

Thats what I think too, but regardless this is very very good for bryce.

By the way, in blender HDR is nowhere as good or useful as the IBL in bryce. I have yet to see a descent use of HDRI in blender, but I am waiting for the day when I will, because it will be awesome.

There was a Blendernation post about image based lighting being implemented by Broken, that could be a big improvement.

I hope so, I remember that too.