Best Build for Smoke?

Does anyone know if there any optimized build for smoke Rendering? I downloaded the Mika? It says for 64 and 32 bits Systems, but it seems to be only for 64. I have Windows 7 32 bits:eek:

EDIT: Okay I got the 32 bits build from his site. Anyways if anyone know a fast render optimized build for smoke, that would be great.

It really depends what build you use for your system. You have Windows 7 32 but what processor and what maths does it support. And was the build configured to support those features. Honestly I havent noticed large gains between optimized builds and non for smoke. The differences between the render branch and regular trunk were big but that wouldnt effect smoke. The fastest work flow I have used with smoke is to set up the scene(lights black background) and use the 3d viewport render animation. Volume rendering is way slower