best cheap graphic tablet

I m looking for a A4 max graphic tablet. working under mac and windows ideally wireless. And budget friendly…
i know hanvon, wacom, trust, genius, monoprice, and aiptek. What are your experience with non wacom tablet.

I’ve used two Trust tablets, the older TB-4200, basically stay away from it, the newer TB-7300, which I’m currently using is actually a really nice tablet, can be had for less then £100 and, a side from the Wacom battery-less technology is probably on par with a Intuos 3 tablet.

The newest Trust tablet is on par with an Intous 4 though, as it’s pretty much an exact copy of it, except it has a few more short-cuts, and it’s worth noting that it features the same electromagnetic induction (I think that’s what it’s called) pen technology as Wacom, so no batteries for the pen, also the pen tips don’t wear at as fast as on a Wacom, which I’ve heard is quite a big concern for some people.