best choice of grafic card which price less than $70

which card whould you recommand?

ATI or nVidia?
i used geforce4 mx440 right now,but it sux, i need a better grafic card for king kong game and splinter cell

maybe you guys are more experienced and can give me some advice

very thanks :smiley:

I would get a nvidia Geforce 6,

I have heard the ATI graphics cards are really good for high frame rates, but can be unreliable when it comes to new features.

does the score in 3Dmark2005 matter?

i ve see lots ver of geforce6200(lowest 1 in geforce 6 series)

and there price are diff too

Hmm., King Kong needs a DX9 card. I doubt you can play it with a card which costs less than $70. If you really want to play it find someone who can give you advice about XGI cards. I heard they are widely available in Taiwan and offer good price/performance ratio.
Apart from that they offer source code for their Linux driver. Thats a world premiere which i find pretty impressive.

If you are short of money, renounce King Kong get a second hand GF4 TI for around 30 bucks or less. It will play Splinter Cell 1 just like a charm. Your MX is not much more than a renamed GF2.

My 2 cents.

I got a Geforce 6200 a few months ago for $72.00. I unlocked the 4 pipes too so now it’s basically a 6600 vanilla. There’s room for overclocking too, but I decided against it. Just make sure you get the 128-bit versions, not the 64-bit or the turbocache.

Your MX is not much more than a renamed GF2

i agree this… MX isnt very good,i think this is just a marketing trick of nVidia, lots of game that says that they Mx series is not support, i dont know why, maybe nvidia just want me to hav another expencive upgration,

I unlocked the 4 pipes too so now it’s basically a 6600 vanilla

whoa that will be super, how u do that , any risk to take?

6200=>6600? :o

what about the memory size of the card? does that matter? how big is enough?

on the card you have right now was $70

check out that site. got cheap computer parts and good service. u can find a good card under $70.

companys sometimes bios lock bad pipes. you bios flash to unlock the pipes. if you have a defective pipe in the card, and unlock it, you may brick your card.

For under 70 bucks? I got the ATI Radeon 9200 se 128 mb for exactly that price and that was 2 years ago (so the price is lower i imagine). Awesome card for the price I say. I can run HL2 with pretty good details (but i do have a 2.8ghtz )

It’s even easier than flashing the card. You just have to download rivatuner and turn on the pixel pipes.

The reason it’s so easy is that the first generation of Geforce 6200’s were 6600’s that didn’t quite pass the full inspection, often for very minor problems that the manufacturer didn’t want to have to deal with. Let’s just say I’ve unlocked all eight pipes and I’ve played F.E.A.R., Dungeon Siege II, etc., with no problems except with one game (slight texture corruption).

You can actually take it a step further and actually flash it into a 6600 with the correct bios.

The performance is as good as it gets at that price level. You will be hard pressed to find a 128-bit version (yes it makes a huge difference whether it is 64-bit or 128-bit).

munkey_mike do you have any topics on flashing nvidia 6600’s cards to get the extra power?

I have heard that these flashes can ruin peoples graphics cards.

see my post

flashing will brick the card if the pipes are too badly damaged. the textures will corrupt and the card will not function. afaik if you can do it with rivatunter it should be safer but no garuntees.