Best Codec? (for import)

I’ve got a client that wants to know what codec would be best for me to use in compositing cg over his video. He wants to send it in the ProRes422 codec. I’m wandering if blender imports this well. If not what would be the best codec for this type of project. It’s very important that it is a very lossless format that I use, so I WOULD like to use ProRes422 if possible. I’m running Ubuntu Hardy and also have an XP machine, so my options are open. Please tell me if you have any ideas.

Why not lossless???

Or if that’s too much, what you could do is render each video file out into a sequence of 100% quality JPEG images. (I’ve never seen any JPEG artifacts when I output using the highest quality setting).

Don’t use JPEG if you want lossless, use PNG.

If you have a multi-processor machine, the Lagarith codec does well on Windows. I have seen some audio bugs with it, but Blender does not do audio anyway.