Best Codec

What do you guys consider to be the best codec? Which one balances both compression and quality the best?

Personally, I have found that the Indeo 5.1 codec is a very good one. It is very fast, reliable, and does a pretty good job of compressing. If you set it to 100% quality for a 1 min 640x480 video, I think your looking at about 30 MB. The lower settings seem to still produce good results, but 100% is pretty much visualy lossless.

HuffyYUV is a good lossless codec, but I seem to have problems with it being compatible sometimes, and it doesn’t compress a whole lot, but it is lossless, and isn’y too hard to get to work.

Divx 3 or 5 are good if you are putting it on the web for small size Quality is descent when you have the quality sliders up, but it is a little slower/ takes more processing power to render too.

Hope that helps. :smiley:

As Blazer said

Huffyuv is very good, and is lossless.

DivX is my one of choice, and is compatable with many new DVD hardware players. Unfortunately they have just produced version 6 which is not Freeware. I think Version 5.11 was the last free one. Also consider Xvid. This still a free version of DivX. Ive used this for film compression and seems to give better results than DivX.