Best Computer for Blender


I’m looking at upgrading my pc to be able to do faster photo-realistic animations in blender 2.6. Can anyone please tell me what are the best components to invest in?

I’m considering the Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge, with as much ram as possible - 16GB and an Asus motherboard.

Also, how important is the screen card for renders in blender? Can I boost the cpu and ram, and use an entry level screen card?

I’d really appreciate any guidance in this regard.



how important is the screen card for renders in blender?
If you plan on using Cycles and you are using the word fast in the same sentence then you should be building your system around the graphics card, not the motherboard or CPU.

No, you can no longer get away with an entry level card. Pick top of the line graphics card (nVidia) then entry level motherboard or CPU. Personally I would skimp on the CPU rather than the motherboard.

But there are tons of threads on this topic already.

Thank you, Atom.

I’ve tried to read up on this topic, and I’m confused. Everything I’ve read points to the cpu as the power behind rendering speeds. From what I gathered, the ram contributes primarily to dynamics and baking such as fluids and particles. The SC is for faster drawing of scenes, especially with higher poly counts. And the cpu is solely responsible for higher render speeds.

Is the latest version of Blender CUDA friendly? Some people complain about the program freezing and crashing with CUDA screen cards… or is this in older versions?

What system would you recommend for fast renders in cycles? What system do you have, Atom?


Just an opinion (I’m experiencing some difficulty in rendering with cycles fast enough).
You should still point to a good PC architecture - fast CPU and RAM, a good motherboard and a good PSU (this one prepared to extra power an eventual graphics card). In addition, if you have a good budget then get a GTX card which are the ones that blender+cycles takes more advantage at the moment. If you don’t have budget for one of these high-end cards then you’ll probably end up rendering with your CPU so I think in worst scenarios if you have a ultra-fast machine you can always render in a reasonable speed.

I myself am considering buying a new computer as well (a used laptop, some upgrades might be necessary) and I am wondering about the specs (processor speed, RAM, etc). Here is what I want to do:

-Render animations at 60 FPS (2-1/2 times as many frames)
-Various experiments with particles and simulations
-Other experiments with materials and lighting in both Blender Internal and Cycles

I am gonna be buying a new PC too…need some advice over the topic as well…Please review my configuration and let me know if I can better the performance of the system with some added parts…
1- Intel Core I7 Bloomfield 2.8GHz
2- 16 Gb RAM
3- Asus Maximus GENE-Z Motherboard
4- NVidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti

The PSU would be a Cooler Master 700W…I guess the rest of the details wont be that important :)…Id really appreciate any help in these quarters… :slight_smile:


1- Intel Core I7 Bloomfield 2.8GHz
45 nm Bloomfield 130W is old, i bet is not more produced. Why not famous i7 2600K or i7 3700 with Z77 MB ?

Graphics card first like Atom said. After this, think about CPU and plenty of RAM. The Motherboard should be one to support the parts you want… don’t overlook getting a capable Power Supply Unit.

When I built my last computer, I asked my more knowledgeable (of brands etc) tech friend at the local college what he would recommend for a 3D graphic computer. I stuck with that, except for any parts which were out of stock, where I chose similar spec replacements. Happy with the result and anything I don’t like, I can always upgrade those parts given the system is custom built.

Yea well bloomfield is sumthing thats ready avaliable here…i might have to wait a couple of days for the others… :slight_smile: apart from being low on money…I am low on patience as well :slight_smile:

But yea…are the rest of the config’s okayy??