best computer

What do you think is the best computer for 3d design work (you know, Blender)

The best computer is always built of course. They don’t sell awesomeness, we have to make it. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I never thought of that. How much for a decent one?

Mine was $400 and I’m still going… I’m thinking about getting another graphics card and more RAM to take blender to the max! :smiley:
You can go to and build one if you need one cheap.

Cool, thanks.

Anytime! :smiley:

Recently i heard about “Scan Computer” … has anyone also heard about it and know something or anything about it ? 'nuff said.

Those Boxxtech systems are very expensive for their specs.

He asked for the best though. He didn’t mention price.

That’s why I built mine.
It runs great.
Two graphics cards, 16gb of RAM, 3.0 gz, quad core.
And that’s just the standard I have. I’m still adding things to it when I have the money on me. :smiley:
No one for sure knows what you want. That’s why I built my own.

best computer?

look like #14 has Linux and Windows. maybe that would be a nice one to have…
need to take it from Japan. :stuck_out_tongue:

The chinese have one that is 5 petaflops if I remember well. That must be very good in cycles. You can render the whole movie Avatar in some hours probably.

Buy a Supermicro Dual CPU Mainboard, 2x Xeon Processors (fastest you can find/afford), 3-4x GTX 580 3GB, 1x decent ATI GPU (for Display), 64-256GB ECC Ram and you should end up with a pretty decent Workstation. Or Buy a HP Z800, get rid of the Quadro GPU and put in GTX 580 in instead.

Both comes around 5000-7000 $

Maybe put a little Server Farm besides for rendering Tasks…

another couple Grands.

Take a look at the specs that Origin offers in their professional workstations

Should give you a heads-up about what to get.

I agree with mcthingy, You cant beat a custom built PC, i spent around £1500 on mine (according to google currency that equals $2330 for the americans out there :wink:
and its a 4.6GHz 8 core proccessor, 4GBs hyperx genesis III Gaming RAM @ 1800MHz, a 750GB seagate barracuda high speed harddrive @ 7400rpm, 2x AMD radeon HD 6870 @ 1GB each, which I can say from experience completely obliterates the gtx 580 and is only about £100 more, an NTX phantom pro gloss white gaming case with blue LED lighting, a 7.1 sound card by xi-fi, 14 fans, an 850W PSU, 6 USB2.0 ports and 3 USB 3.1 ports…
I built this with only 1500 to spare, and im rubbish at getting the best deal, im sure you could probably build a computer of this power with as little as £1200 to spare :slight_smile: good luck

bizila, what is it like in Europe to pay a VAT tax and how does that play into your
game plan to buy a system? is it cheaper to buy all the components bundled together?
(do you only have to pay 1 VAT that way?)

IF you buy each component (one by one) separately, then it gets taxed… how does that work?
(just wonder if because of the VAt is it cheaper to buy “bundles” or whatever, if thats kind of a loophole,
or is the VAT just applied on % of price of total?

(only a liberal could add value to something by taxing it)

For the average user I have never seen the need for a work station class computer. In fact I think the average user would be better off building two computers. One for rendering with a fast multicore processor (quad at least, hex better, octa best) and a lot of memory (8GB to 16GB) but just a budget graphic card. For modeling and texturing a fast dual core, mid range graphic card and 8GB memory. As for harddrive sizes the working system should have one small capacity but fast drive for OS and programs and one large capacity drive for data. The render really only needs one mid size capacity drive. Ideally both systems would have USB 3 ports so you could use portable drive to move files between them, or better would be connected through a network.

The VAT is always on every thing you buy. So it is the same if you buy items separately that all together.
By the way all the taxes are to maintain the actual status quo of parasites feeding from the slaves. Some day people will wake up.