Best config/computer for Cycles fast rendering + big viewport load?

Yes it’s the i9 9900K i will have, mb*
The mother card is MSI B365M PRO-VDH - Socket 1151, i didn’t chosed but seems it’s adaptated to my i9 CPU. Is it good ? Has it influence on what i need for Blender ?

This motherboard is inappropriate for this processor. 9900k is a power hungry cpu with top performance and it needs a decent z390 to run well without stability issues due to thermal stress and high voltages.

Since you started a thread here, it’s better to trust people with experience in this kind of builds. Picking the parts alone will lead you in poor choices (like the motherboard) and, at the end, to an unbalanced system.

This cpu also needs a high end cooler to keep it cool enough. What exactly did you choose?

I see… I"m not picking the parts alone, i’m in contact with a professional PC mount society that select the best config by knowing my needs. I know they are professionals in PC Mount and not Blender 3D, it’s why i started this topic too, to get precisly the best components for my work.
But are you really saying a professional PC mount society would have choose components that aren’t made to work together and will cause issues ?
Unfortunatly i already commanded the config i’m telling you, you’re probably thinking i would had to take more time but it’s already what i done by waiting some hours more, and i couldn’t permitted to wait more concerning the projets i have pending.

Here is the full config they done :
PC BOx : -DEATHMATCH 7 RGB - Spirit of Gamer
-Alim CORSAIR VS650 - 80 Plus
-Motherboard MSI B365M PRO-VDH -Socket 1151
- 4 x 16GB DDR4 - 3200MHz
- SSD INGSTON - SSDNOW A2000 - 500Go Format M.2
- Intel Core i9 - 9900KF - 8 core 3.6 to 5.00Ghz
-Windows 10
-Hard drive 1 To SEAGATE - Barracuda
-4K screen (i finally opted for it)
-a basic keyboard

About the cooler, i think it’s not mentionned, but I asked them if it was working well with this CPU and they told me yes it was adaptated. I didn’t asked for all the components…

Do i will have issues with this config made by pros in the PC mount domain ? Have I to call them before they finish to do it ?

I don’t want to be judgmental against this so called “professional PC mount society” (that’s not my style in general), but there is nothing professional in this build…
I literally don’t know where to start…
You’re building a 3K$ build and:

  1. They are starting with a low end psu from Corsair. The VS series (to put it simple, this is the cheap series of Corsair, suitable mostly for low budget builds) is far from appropriate for a 3K$ build, especially when this psu is going to supply power to a 9900KF and a RTX 2080S. You can do much better than that. I’m very serious about psu quality. The least I would pick for this budget is a 650-750W golden rated psu with at least 5 years of warranty. A platinum with 10 years of warranty would be preferable and well within budget.
  2. They propose a low-end motherboard to be paired with a high performance cpu. BAD CHOICE. 9900K (or KF, it’s the same cpu without an integrated gpu) is a processor that performs well but demands a well build system around it, starting with a well equipped motherboard and a beefy cpu cooler of course, because it runs hot, really hot.
  3. You should ask them specifically about the cooler. Believe me, if you don’t pick a top notch cooler, you’ll regret it with this processor. You need at least a dual tower air-cooler, like the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro, or the Noctua D15S, or even better a 240-280mm AIO liquid cooler for this processor.
  4. They propose 3200MHz RAM, while this motherboard supports frequencies up to only 2666MHz.

I think that’s enough said.

I’m sorry for being so critical about this list. I could let you make the mistake and pay “the price”, but I would feel bad about it afterwards, if I didn’t warn you about it.


Thanks again, @birdnamnam. You seems really well informed and some of these informations are directly coherent with the situation (for exemple about the RAM, i asked them to change at last moment, and they accepted without realising this new RAM i was proposing was not adaptated to moterboard…)
I will call them today / go to their shop by hoping it’s not too late to change my config.

Can you confirm me the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz 12-Core Processor] will be better for Blender in viewport and render please ? If yes, i think to profit of these last changes to go for this processor.
But if I change of processor for this one, do I have some other changes to do / some other parts of the config ?

Can i keep the same RAM, SSD and GPU ? If no, is it possible to help me building a last config that will be perfectly adaptated to the AMD CPU without getting over 3000usd and with 64GB of good RAM ?
Sorry to ask again but i’ve very bad knowledges in informatic and now you prove me this shop is not so professional, i don’t know another way to be sure for this good investment haha…

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The 3900X would be on par with 9900KF in editing/modeling/simulations (and all single threaded tasks), and far better in cpu rendering (multi threaded performance), almost 30% I think.

I’ve already posted a list of parts in a previous post but if you want 64gb of RAM, some minor changes must be made in order not to break the 3K$ limit. Here is the new link:
PCPartPicker Part List

I hope this helps. If you have any problems with parts’s availability in local stores, post a link of the pc store you’re going to buy from, and I’ll try to update the list with parts available in your region.

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I principally buy a new PC for getting fast viewport but Cycles render will be really important too, so if you say they are same on this first point and really better render, ok i definitly think i will opt for this list.
I’m located in France (76), so it will be a bit more expensive but it seems to be worth it.
In the case I finally decide to keep the i9 for any reason, could you lastly tell me what moterboard would be adaptated with it ? (i think all other components were precised in you precedent message)

I also think to opt for the RTX 2080 SUPER instead of the Ti considering the big price difference and the SUPER seems already very good. @birdnamnam is the performance difference so big and worth for Blender ? Do it imply any other changement in config ?

This is an Intel alternative build (slightly cheaper in cpu and mobo parts, so, there’s headroom to get better quality in other parts without breaking the budget).
PCPartPicker Part List

As for the gpu question, If I could afford the 2080ti I would get it, hands down. Its 25-30% faster compared to the 2080, and, most important, it has 11gb of Vram vs 8gb of the 2080(s). So, this means faster renders and larger scenes. If you think you can get by with less Vram and don’t need top horsepower from the gpu, then the 2080 Super is a great gpu overall.

EDIT: If you have access to this specific pc store, then the specific price for this gpu is a bargain I think

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Thanks ! @birdnamnam It seems to be the better proposition so I’m going to go for your list with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and the RTX 2080Ti. If it’s really too expensive for me, I will go for the RTX SUPER, or for the second list you just proposed me with the i9. I called them and they didn’t made my PC yet so all is still possible to change. Thanks a lot again for time you put in it and great help, i’ll keep you informed of the result.

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Please do. And don’t let them mislead you especially with the cpu cooler and the psu quality.
You’ll need an AIO cooling solution with dual radiator of 280mm length with both cpus. They both run hot under load.
For the psu, at least a 750W golden from Corsair or EVGA. A 750-850W with platinum efficiency would be optimal.
Insist on these two.

Good luck with this build.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @birdnamnam - at the risk of hijacking your thread @Okinage - thank you so much for being so helpful with Okinage. I work for a petrochem fire protection company in their marketing department, so, as you can imagine I am expected to put my new found blender skills to work, modelling all sorts of dreaded and apocalyptic fire scenes in industrial petrochemical plants.
Right now I’m working on an early 2013 Macbook pro. It it was up to me, I wouldn’t go back to windows. BUT, I have fallen in love with Blender, and my boss has fallen in love with my work on my impossibly slow machine.
I have $5k budget and from what I can understand from the parts list you have suggested, it seems I could go for 128gb RAM and maybe another 2080ti?
Cheers and thanks from Cape Town!

You can go for 128gb if you really need it, but with 32gb dimms (you’ll need 4x32gb in this socket).
And of course, a larger psu for 2x2080ti’s. Here’s an updated list:
PCPartPicker Part List

In a few days from now, the new 3950X will officially released. If your budget allows it and you don’t need the new WS immediately, then it’s going to be a fantastic cpu all around in terms of performance. I think its price will be around 750-800$.

The big question is going to be its thermal behavior, though. The 3900X is already hot enough, so I imagine that with 4 extra cores things are going to be tough…

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Hi again @birdnamnam, i finally got my computer 4 days ago and tested my scenes on it these last days.
Here is the final config I got : -Thermaltake view 31 TG RGB PC Box
-Motherboard GIGABYTE X570 AORUS PRO
-DDR4 HYPER X - 16Go - 3200MHz (x4)
-SSD SAMSING 970 Evo plus 500Go
-3 years warrantly (Windows 10)
-Hard drive 1 To SEAGATE- Barracuda

( I know you insisted on the fact this computer need at least a 750W, we talked a lot about it in their shop and they explained me for my config, the 650W would be totally sufficient and the only difference in this case would be a more expensive alim that consume a bit less in long term, but nothing about performance. I think this difference of point of view is probably caused by the difference of electricity standards in France / US. Anyways all is perfectly working. For the other elements they changed, it’s because they weren’t safely exported in our region. )

Anyways the config i got here is totally awesome, the difference with my laptop is oustanding, i can work totally fluidly on scenes that i praticly couldn’t open and couldn’t move on it before. The Cycles render / viewport denoising is incredibly faster too. I trully recommend a config of this type to anyone who works on Blender 3D and need high performances (all still depends of your precise needs, and take time to get informed like i done before this type of big investments).
It’s totally what i was looking for, and it costed me around 3K USD like planned (a bit more because of the 4K screen)
Thanks again a lot for taking time to help me on this and redirected me to a AMD CPU that was really more adaptated than a i9 from Intel!

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Hi. I really hope you enjoy this beast of a Workstation you’ve just built. I’m just sorry they didn’t pick a better psu. I hope you won’t encounter any problems in the future because of it. It’s not just about consumption. That wasn’t the reason I insisted on that. It’s about quality and the way it affects reliability in general. You have highly demanding parts in your build, and if, lets say, you’re casually using hybrid rendering, meaning that both cpu and gpu would work at full load, then the system’s total wattage would sum up to somewhat above 500W and the psu will have to withstand such a burden quite often. This is the point where a good psu differs from an average one.

Nevertheless, let’s not spoil your good impressions for now. There might be no issues at all, but I always want to inform people about the odds from the start, so that the know when something goes wrong.

One more question. If you don’t mind, could you post some readings of the idle and full load temps of the cpu? You could download Core Temp to measure temps. Hardware monitor is good also.

Enjoy your new rig!

@birdnamnam I see, thanks for informing. it’s strange they don’t even noticed that, maybe they are just not used to answer to this type of very big power/performance needs that Cycles asks. But like you say i don’t think it will create any problem in my case, and in the case it would happen, the computer is on warrently for 3 years and i can still buy a better PSU in the future, it’s the big plus of an editable workstation like this.

I checked the temp, it’s around 35-40°C (34°C minimum) when idle, and go around 80° during a Cycles render with 1200 samples (83°C maximum) Is it ok ?

With the Dark Rock 4, yes, these temps are OK. I’m sure there are some guidelines online on how to improve voltages and keep the load temps below 80°C. In some cases, Auto voltages in X570 motherboards are too high by default. You’ll need to find some general guidelines for that. If you manage to lower your voltages (basically the Vcore), then temps are going to follow in lower levels.