best "core" pc parts to purchase for $450 or less?

I went ahead and bought a few more stuffs despite the risk. I got 2 more stick of RAM so my total RAM would be 8GB. I have also orderred the below items,

I still plan to get the Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 case someday but first, the GPU would be upgraded and I would get 2 x 22in widescreen LCD before then. The first of the LCD will be purchased within the next few months if I can :smiley:

I’m considering whether I should make a build video or something like that? cause my brother is visiting next week so I may not have a lot of time to do that :-/

I have finally gotten it all built :smiley: I kinda threw financial caution in the wind and ended up spending around 750 but it was worth it :smiley:

I have used this render benchmark ( on my previous strongest computer and it rendered in around 3 and half minutes. But this new PC does it in just less than 30 sec even though I have not finished tuning up the PC, finished installing everything, or even overclocked it at all.

over all, I’m very satisfied!

Expect me to show up here more often since my summer semester is off. I plan to systematically go through every photoshop and blender books I have. I will also depends on the library around here for more materials on various stuffs like vector arts and basic sketching and stuffs. Finally back!

Glad the system went together well. I have a very similar system and it works great.