Best current sound solution?

I’m reaching the point where I’d like to start implementing sounds into my current project. Previously I’ve used PyGame but something seems to have broken it in the most recent version. Whenever PyGame is called I get a message with this error:

The procedure entry point SDL_Error could not be located in the dynamic link library SDL.dll

Has anyone found out what causes this and how to fix it?

PyGame has the advantage of being available on many platforms, something which PySonic isn’t. Ideally I want Linux and Mac users to have sounds in the game as well…

So are there any other solutions? Obviously the internal sound system of Blender is in dire need of updates. It’s one area I think needs serious attention because a good soundtrack is essential in a good game.

I have no clue, never really played around with different way of putting audio into a game. Maybe external python ogg vorbis or mp3 liberary to load sounds?. There’s also a python liberary called PyMedia which enables you to play a big range of different audio and video types.

The PyGame method no longer works? Is the problem with the latest version on PyGame or the leatest version of Blender?

PySonic is ok for windows, but I couldn’t even get the original sources for it to compile on Linux. There is something just iffy with it.

Your right, I would much rather prefer a somewhat stable internal sound system for the BGE, as opposed to just more fancy physics or graphics without good sound support.

I agree with social, I didn’t even know there were any sound issues. Just assumed it would work fine when I finally got around to playing with it.

Hmm… haven’t played around with sound in the newer version with pygame. Lol, might just be repeating something you already know or fixed, hehe you being the one that wrote the tutorial on using pygame for blender.

Could have been updated, but wasn’t it because the version of pygame used an older version of python, while the newest GE version uses a newer version of python?

Jason Lin

I’ve managed to get pygame working again :slight_smile: The problem was a conflict in the SDL.dll versions used between Blender and pygame. Needed to copy the file from the pygame folder into the Blender folder.

Are any of the developers working on the sound side of the game engine? Maybe this is something we need to flag up more as it’s majorly lagging behind physics and graphics developments.

I’ve not yet experimented with PyMedia, but for now pygame does seem to remain the best option as it’s very simple to use as long as you know a little python. Having logic bricks to play sound and music across all platforms would be a welcome upgrade to the GE though…

Yea, sound is one area of the GE that is especially lacking.

But yea, the problem is in 2.42’s SDL.dll file, as ST mensioned. I ran into the same problem when working on the new version of Dogfights…I just replaced 2.42’s SDL file with 2.41’s SDL file and now it works fine…