Best eevee forest/tree landscapes out there

Hey all!

Just wondering if anyone has seen any large scale eevee landscapes? Specifically with forests and what not?

We’ve seen a lot of close up cool stuff, artifical stuff, hard surface, a few organic things and interiors and stylized and even more localised forest scenes but nothing on the large scale. I would be keen to see more and see people practice in it. I think eevee is a little limited in this sense as the geo requirements are quite large and its handling of shadows at that scale is a little tricky.
Would love to see more!

An example i found (and possibly one of the best so far) was this by @mStuff

Feel free to post other examples! Ideally animated ones.

If anyone knows Daniel Bystedt, would be keen to send him a message as a new challenge for his next eevee output!

This one by @PixeledAsteroid Little hard to know whats going on, but there are some nice touches here and there. Good effort!!