Best export format in Autodesk Inventor?

(Richard Klingler) #1

I am trying to get 3d data from Autodesk inventor into blender…

Step and STL seems to just import one object as a big mesh, but not the individual objects with different colors in Inventor…

So I tried to use .sat format as there is an import available…but this importer just does nothing (o;

Is there another format to choose in Inventor or is there a software converter which keeps all 3d information?

thanks in advance

(dgorsman) #2

If you have a Suite or Collection license, you could probably walk it through 3DSMAX first. Although at that point might as well use that…

You might try FBX as an intermediate format. But I suspect you’ll need to export individual “chunks” to skip the unnecessary parts.

(SterlingRoth) #3

I have found that freecad exports .stl as an unmerged mesh. so you can at least break up individual components in blender, though it will still import as a single mesh.

so you could go inventor–(.iges)–>freecad–(.stl)–>Blender

That might help, but the more hoops you jump through the more opportunity for failure

(Richard Klingler) #4

Well we figured it out at the office…don’t know if this was available in Inventor 2018 as we upgraded to 2019…

There is the option to export as OBJ, which is the Alias Wavefront format…which blender imports perfectly (o;