Best export format in Autodesk Inventor?

(Richard Klingler) #1

I am trying to get 3d data from Autodesk inventor into blender…

Step and STL seems to just import one object as a big mesh, but not the individual objects with different colors in Inventor…

So I tried to use .sat format as there is an import available…but this importer just does nothing (o;

Is there another format to choose in Inventor or is there a software converter which keeps all 3d information?

thanks in advance

(dgorsman) #2

If you have a Suite or Collection license, you could probably walk it through 3DSMAX first. Although at that point might as well use that…

You might try FBX as an intermediate format. But I suspect you’ll need to export individual “chunks” to skip the unnecessary parts.

(SterlingRoth) #3

I have found that freecad exports .stl as an unmerged mesh. so you can at least break up individual components in blender, though it will still import as a single mesh.

so you could go inventor–(.iges)–>freecad–(.stl)–>Blender

That might help, but the more hoops you jump through the more opportunity for failure