Best Export Model Format, 3DS, OBJ, other?

I’m am looking for a model format that handles triangles, uv-mapping, texturing, animation, materials, etc. What I want to do is export my models from Blender into a good format, and then import them into my OpenGL application.

I’ve done some research on this here and around the web, and am having a hard time figuring out what would be effective, so I figured I’d just ask for feedback directly.

Collada looked promising, until I read that it’s complex and slow to load models. Others have said that 3DS is almost obsolete. I’ve also noted people complain that Blender’s exporters for various formats, like 3DS, aren’t supplying animation information.

A side point, I also have Milkshape3D, and have attempted to import several different blender exported formats, and only one has worked, 3DS. although texture mapping is messed up. MilkShape would give me the power to export to many more formats if it worked right!

Or, let me ask this another way, anyone here who is using Blender to develop OpenGL applications, such as games, what format do you use for exporting to models? I have used MS3D in the past, but am not using Blender because of its greater functionality.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.