Best Fluid Settings in 2.40?

I’ve been playing with the new fluids in blender and I’m not able to make perfect fluids like in these examples in the wiki.

What would be the best settings to get these types of results. I really like the “dam” example. Thanks

I think they were done by this person.
The fluids on that site are even more impressive.
I like the one with the bubbles going back up.
I don’t know if it’s the exact implementation of this code that made it to Blender, so I’d like to know how to do that as well.
But I suppose you won’t be able to do it with just the basic settings.
Keep working on it and keep us posted.

One thing to note is that Nils (the developer) has a pretty nice computer, and it still took a LONG time to bake (Dual opteron with 16 GB ram I think). To get the level or realism, the settings (resolution of the sim) needs to be very high.

Alrighty! Good to know that I don’t have a great enough computer. I have a 3.4 ghz p4 and 1 gb of ram. When I get something that looks really nice I’ll post the scene and all the splash files so you don’t have to render them.

Dual opteron with 16 GB ram.

So, has he been contacted by the CIA yet?

They’re really not too terribly expensive. Just a high end graphics workstation. Check 'em out at

Hehe, LOL, you must be kidding. With that kind of computing power, you can EASILY do fluids in Blender! If you go to the wiki, there’s quite a few notes there on how the settings effect RAM etc…

1GB will give you more than enough room for nice resolutions! (and 3.4ghz P4 is good aswell, baking just takes time (high resolution can take up to 3 mins a frame, but personally I think that’s quite accaptable)

I concur.
I think Nils said somewhere that his last example video took 24 hours to bake. That’s a long time. Plus rendering times with fairly high YafRAY settings.

Hey Salted,

Did you look at that guy’s website (the person vlietuig suggested)? He has several tuts listed there.

salted: for a breaking dam like in the wiki it should be enough to put a box of fluid into a domain box, and set the resolution as high as possible. Even with 1GB you should be able to produce a decent animation… I think usually resolutions between 150-250 are fine, the really high ones for the last animation are more of a proof-of-concept.

vliegtuig: apart from those guys in blacks suits sneaking around here lately, I’m fine :slight_smile: No, unforunately the computer isn’t mine, it belongs to the institute where I work…

Yeah, I’ve looked into them and done the tutorials. I’ve run into other issues now. I can’t render my beautiful fluids now. Blender crashes when parsing the scene to give to yafray. I’ve reported the error but it’s annoying. Awesome!

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