Best Forum for Adobe Photoshop users? Anything like elysiun?

Its been quite a while away from Elysiun for me, it’s good to drop by once and awhile and check on everyone’s progress. Wow! There are some amazing images in the finished projects section!

Anyway, on to the question…

Are there Elysiun like forums for Adobe Photoshop users? I just got started with using the tool (coming from gimp 2.0) and could use the same friendly atmosphere to learn in.

Any suggestions?


hello :slight_smile:

if you checked, there is a forum for other softwares in here, go here:

well not only for PS users, but others in here might want to discuss it !

cheers! :slight_smile: has a pretty good photoshop forum

is a good one…and also the cgtalk forum is pretty good