Best forum for asking support?


What is the best forum for asking for help? I can run B-2.79. On installing 2.82 ( also tried 2.80 after 2.82 failed ), I get a very brief “terminal like window” then the word “Blender” with icon a large gray rectangle then it quits, no messages are generated. How do I capture if possible information so as to make a coherent question. Machine/box in use is running Win-10, up to date, only other program is QGIS and it runs basically. Drivers have been checked ( GPU is old but still in the minimum requirements ( AMD Wx4100 )) and it does function under 2.79. Kindly point to the correct forum for help, thank you.


You could use screen recording software (same kind people use to make tuts). From time to time i use and it get the job done and will work for you. After you capture the recording and save it to a video file, you can then play video in slow-mo or frame by frame so see whats going on.

You could also start Blender from a commandline and see if that displays any error message.

Good luck.

Thanks for the response. I will experiment with the video capture or use my phone. I broadly understand the command line as I “think” I see an empty terminal like window after telling the program to open. Where would I find instructions on using the terminal/commandline for launching an application? GUI oriented end user here. If you are comfortable doing that congratulations. I may need to hire someone.


haha… that will work too… i always forget about them things :slight_smile:

To open a terminal window in Windows 10, click your windows (start menu) button (bottom left) then just type ‘cmd’ (with out quotes), that will open a terminal window.

Next key in ‘cd {path to blender folder}’ hit enter (if your blender path has any spaces in it, wrap the path in double quotes)
I have an extra command cause my install is on a different drive, but the red arrow is what you want to do (your will probably start with C : \ > )…

Next key in ‘blender’ (with out quotes) and hit enter.


Hello SU-Joe

Screen shot attached. I did the CMD/Path.Several things jump out, regarding invalid plugin? Not registered? Please pursue when you can.

Is this the best forum for this help request? That was part of my inquiry.

I dont know, but editing your thread title to something about the issue you’ve run into might help.

To see if this is a addon/plug in issue, you could try uninstalling 2.82, after that moving (or deleting) the 2.82 \AppData\Roming\Blender\ 2.82 \ folder, re-install blender 2.82 and when it starts up do not choose transfer old settings (or what ever the question is) and have 2.82 completely fresh with no addons.

Out side of that, im no help, sorry, this is all i can offer.

Good luck…

Thank you SU-Joe

I tried the brute force method ( I realize there are several ways of “potentially” use force ).

My resolution so far is monies. I spent/borrowed ( expect to return ) new video card.

Just plugging it in ( 1st cycle I removed the W4100, failed, on restarting the application then updating the drivers, testing and then replugging the W4100 into the second PCIE slot ) and updating the drivers for this new card, seems to have done the basic thing, which is b the ability to launch and at least render via 2.82A.

So thanks again for your help.

Now I have a second question as to alerting the developers if they care about the “possible” problem, is just my machine/box or version x of blender and the W4100?