Best free 3d model reconstrucion software??

I’m looking for an image based modeling software " or other type if faster and less setup " thats free preferably and actually works. Tried some but get erradic point clouds that are useless.
I’ll be using to obtain more accurate mask and reflections etc in blender w cam tracking.


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Look at CADtools extension, I am developing for Blender 2.49. It can be used for image based 3d-reconstruction.

Well what did you actually try?

That’s not what he’s looking for…
I understand that he’s looking for a tool that synthesizes geometry from images automatically.

I’m interested also on this topic.
So far I’ve tried PPT-gui ( ) and 123D Catch. But all of them are not good for scanning reflective objects like cars (the subject i’m interested on). I have seen VideoTrace, different concept from the previous, and it looks good, I will give it a try.
I don’t actually need a “good” model, I only need to calculate the 3D position of some points (with correct proportion), then I will model by hand what I need. If someone has alternatives to those sw let me know. :smiley:

CAD tools can do this?

AFAIK, no photogrammetry application can reconstruct shiny or transparent surfaces, so you’ll hav eto do some work manually.