Best Free Game Engine for Commercial Use?????

What is the best code to learn for developing iPhone/Android apps?
(Java, Python, C++)???

iPhone -> Objective C, C, C++
Android -> Java, C, C++

Thanks! And what free Game Engine is the best to use to make iPhone/Android apps???

for iphone you can use UDK (non commercial license) it’s free and it’s a very good game engine it support ps3, xbox, pc, iphone. It have all you need.

I need a game engine that I can use commercially! Is there another you’ve got in mind??

There is no non commercial UDK version. Just UDK. Download and useage is free. You can use UDK commercially too. They want some piece of the cake though when you earn more than 40.000 dollars per year with your game. Have a look at their licensing model.

But before you think of anything commercial, you should better first think of finishing a game at all :slight_smile:

His initial post shows that he doesn’t seem to know the difference between code and programming language, nor any programming language, and most likely has zero idea about software development with a slight refusal to do some resaearch on his own.

Once he knows a programming language, some design patterns and OOPP he should better start with a DD, then work out a URD.
Once that’s done, you read license information and technical specification of various engines and libraries.
Then you chose the best engine for the project and targeted platforms.
Next some nice UML modelling and then you can start to finish a game.

So it’ll be a long way with a lot of fail…

From my understanding, to get anything on to an iPhone you have to have a publishing license/certificate from Apple which costs $100.00 a year. So iPhone app development is not free even if the engine is.