Best free HDR sofware ?

Hi, i just learned how to use hdr’s… now i know i can use gimp and just mask out the stuff i want out of my under-normal-and overexposed images, but is there any opensourse/free hdr software out there like photomatix :

It does seem to do more than just mask out the parts you want… and all with sliders…

Any idea ?


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@TweakingKnobs, you know better…

Luminance HDR

Sorry Fweed, now that i see it in “other software” it mkes sense… but it kinda made sense to me in other CG software as well… thanks anyway!

In Linux
For bracketed images you can use MacroFusion or Kipi plugin (with DigiKam or Gwenview):

To edit the result of what you have achieved before, Luminance HDR with: Darktable, RawTherapee or Photivo, for example:

For RAW:
Darktable, RawTherapee, Photivo.

I prefer Luminance HDR, it is an open source project from Source Forge. It would come in second my tests. It produced an acceptable result from the handheld test and good results from default settings. One advantage to Luminance is the thumbnails it creates using the different algorithms available. It makes it easy for a user to pick a thumbnail that they like and then make small adjustments.