Best game engine or game making program?

hey i am looking for a good (good graphics and easy to use) game engine or game making program for a begginer. I have used a few and have a small understanding but nothing to complex. what are some suggestions.

Here is a nice place to start if you have never done game design.

here is a quick tutorial, you can be a game developer in as little as an afternoon…

You can use a lot of the same tricks in other games engines too…
Blender has a great game engine as well :slight_smile:

Moving to offtopic as it’s not actually about the BGE…

If you don’t mind paying, the best easy to use one (that is still really flexible) that I know of is torque game builder.

Try Game Maker. Just Google Game Maker.

I would say that GameStudio is a good choice for beginners to programming, regardless of their age. You can find it here: