Best Game Engine?

I have from experience used irrlicht and blender…but not Crystal space…i downloaded it but i dont know how to install it =D

anyway i think irrlicht is the best from experience…

but what is your opinion?

note this is so i can choose one of the 3…(which i curretly have all 3 on desktop) and delete the worst one!

Its too bad we can’t combine the all and have this awesome engine integrated into blender. I love the fact that Irrilcht is fast and that Crystalspace has quite the features. Blender is awesome for the fact its integrated into the modeling environment… I can’t pick, but to be safe I would say Blender!

Hi there eQuilibrium what I use is blender :smiley: but yes there are better engines out there. I tryed to use irrlicht I found it hard to learn just like blender when I first got it. But besides that I would vote blender because it’s basicly the only software I know how to use pretty good in the game engine :smiley: .

so i assume to delete crystal space? =//…
nobody wants it…or likes it

but if all these were combined…then yoo would have to buy it =D

The work to support an external engine such as Crystal Space will hopefully be open-ended, so another 3D engine could be added as an option ( with some tweaking before hand I’m sure ).

Definitely keep up the work, the in-built GE is getting better, but other engines will have features that will be required by some people.

Also, if there is a route to use other engines, a lot more games companies may build in a link to their own in-house game engine. This can only help with the popularity of this excellent app!


Well I heard of Crystal blend and I did try it But I could not find how to work it I was trying for 3 hours lol trying to get it to work lol. But just keep it on someone will vote for it :wink:

It’s still in early stage’s Crystal blend :frowning: I will keep trying to make it work but not today lol


Run by batch file, make sure display is on 32 bit.