Best glTF 2.0 viewer with custom UI

hi everyone, i need some feedback over the glTF viewers for web 3d presentation.
i have been doing a complete tour of all options (see here the list of all:

Now, i am looking closely at Babylon viewer, that seems to fit my needs but…

here are my requests in term of features:
the viewer must be customisable the simple way (html5 code, js,css)
the viewer must be able to load large 3D files, i only know the limit of a mid-level computer for general users
the viewer must be able to accept all the glTf specs.
the viewer can be modified to include several user tools (run anim, solid/textured, lights on/off,etc…)

if you have any experience in one of this 3d model viewer, please, comment :slight_smile:
thank you, have a great day

A fairly easy way to get started would be the <model-viewer/> web component:

That supports most of what you describe, although only so much customization is possible through a web component. It can play animation, but doesn’t let you toggle textures on and off, for example.

For more control than that, you could either fork that project or use more full-featured 3D libraries like three.js or babylon.js directly. Those will give you full control, but require learning the library to some extent.

thank you, i was sure you will answer :slight_smile:
yes, you are right, we decided to go for Babylon.js,for our project (pro) for various args.
The lib is not so complicated, i am de js coder from 10 years and the 3d models library will be includedin a more advanced js app…
anyway, it is great, the babylon exporter is fine and the viewer is fully costumisable !
have a great day