Best GPU for Cycles under Linux

What is a good GPU for cycles that is good supported by linux

at the moment i have a computer with a 9500 GT, so this is not the best for cycles

Please, Help.

Have you experience, what the best GPU is for Cycles?
And have you experience with Cycles under Linux, which OS and GPU do you use?
(I don’t want to use a Windows System, i use Xubuntu with a 9500 GT that isn’t so good supported by cycles)

Where can i find more about some good GPUs?

How much faster is Cycles on GPU than on CPU for you (if it is faster for you)?

Hello. For Linux and Windows the performane with CUDA is similar when using similar drivers versions. Therefore, any benchmark or thread you find in the forum about nVidia GPU’s, serves as a reference for Linux too.
You look in the forum about GTX 580, GTX 760, GTX 780, Titan. About tile sizes too.
The more memory they have, the better.

Hi rubberduck, see in my signature, all Nvidia cards are well supported in Linux.
Cycles supports Compute Capability > 2.0, here is a list:

Here is my benchmark with the latest GPU, try (.blend on first page) it with your CPU and you know how much faster a GPU is.

Cheers, mib.