Best graphic card Blender + Houdini

How can it be wise to think of getting a computer for 10 years?

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I have a Macbook pro since 2013. I use it for a lot of demanding stuff … live installations, music recording, video editing, some 3D stuff … and it still works like charm. I also have iphone 6s since 2016 and it also works really well.

If I buy a good PC in which I can also replace and upgrade parts (which I cannot do in my macbook), then why not 10 years?

This society and the market itself makes us live in a constant updating fever, I think it’s good if we can avoid it and we build our set ups to make them as durable as possible.

At least I will try!

Note that of the current geneation of RTX cards only the 3090 is capable of memory pooling via NVLink and the 3080s only have 12 GB of RAM.
So if you want to keep it that long it probably makes sense to get a 3090 with 24GB now so you have the option to extend your GPU memory later on with a second GPU.

I have my current computer since 2016 which is ancient in 3D terms. I see no reason to replace it at the moment. I agree that getting a solid rig now and then keeping it for a long time can make a lot of sense. Not sure if mine will make it to 10 years but I think it will last two more years.

The 3090 looks amazing. But can’t pay 2.700€ for just a graphic card. I still have to stay in the reasonable world of possible things. :wink:

Unless you’re already making good money off of 3D work, the 3090 right now is not worth it at all, you need to be squeezing value out of it in order to be a sensible purchase, the current prices are ridiculous

3080 has 10GB, 3080ti has 12GB

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Your Mac will not work in Unreal or will not be good for Cycles X/Eevee for example. The premium cost for top of the line do not make sense for me. Technology evolves, race is not only pure performance but capabilities. Besides the odds of a malfunction increase with age.

What about the NVIDIA RTX A4000 16GB GDDR6??

That one is same price than the 6080.

I really don’t know about graphic cards, which one is better for Blender/Houdini from those two? I can only afford +/- 1500€ for a graphic card.

Thanks a lot for all your replies!

What is the difference between the NVIDIA RTX A4000 and the 6080? (When it comes to 3D programs)