Best Graphics Card in $80-150 price range

I am looking to upgrade my GeForce 5200, as Blender gets artifacts and renders slow; and Civ 4 doesn’t really work too good. Sooooo, I was wondering what would be the best bang for my buck, and my buck isn’t real big. I may be willing to pay a bit more, but I don’t want to spend too much over $150. And I have a Dell 2400 (?) with no AGP slot, so it has to be PCI.

Well when it comes to rendering in Blender thats the job of the processor not the graphics card. When it comes to 3d modelling for Blender then that is the graphics card.

I got a Gigabyte Geforce 6600 256MB at dabs. So that might be about $140> or so.,40828,4294957147,50509

Runs all my games beuatifully from Quake up to Quake4 :smiley:

as Blender gets artifacts and renders slow

Do you mean within the 3dview? If so then it’s your video card. Otherwise if it’s in your actual render made with the blender rendering engine that’s a software issue.

GeForce 5200

This is your current card? Are you using nvidia drivers? This card should have no problems. The GeForce 4 card that I had a while back to appear to have some strange depth and clipping issues, but I thought that was fixed outside of the 4 series. If you don’t have an AGP slot (this is extremely unlikely) and you’re running a 5200, it’s just a standard PCI. In that case your computer is very old, how old is it and what are the other specs (power supply wattage rating as well if you can) of the PC, that’ll help is iron it out. If you’re computer is older than a couple year you most likely won’t be able to run very many, if any of the newer cards, and your 5200 will have to suffice.

Take a look at the inside of your case, does the top slot look something like these:

If it’s brown or red, it’s AGP.

If it looks like one of these we’re talking about PCI express, which AFAIK they never made any PCI-express x16 Geforce 5 cards.

Better yet, take a picture for us :slight_smile:

If you do have an agp 8x or pci express slot I would reccomend against a 6600 and that you get a 6600GT, there’s more power, though most of them don’t have 256mb of ram. If your pc can handle it, get a 6800xt, it’s about 140-150 and has 256mb ram and a lot power.


Actually, many OEMs don’t have a AGP slot on board their mobos. They integrate an AGP video processor into the chipset, but no slot is available for upgrading.

“You should NOT have bought a DELL” I thought I would rewrite their slogan…

i have a FX5200, and it runs blender great.

two things:

  1. i used to run blender on a 5200 ultra, works great. software can cause problems.

  2. i bought that card for an old gateway that also had no agp slot. to tell the truth, the fastest card available right now is a 5500 for pci.
    you may also have a thin case, this card is cheap and fast enough if you want an upgrade.
    notice, that card is only a 64 bit memory interface, is a better deal if you want a little better performance. (128 bit)

Right now I’ve got a 16MB Voodoo Banshee, and it works pretty good.

My dad got a 128MB NVidia Geforce MX something, and it’s max polygon count in Blender before t crashes is about 3 million. It slows down a bit around 1.5 million. It cost around $45 - $60.

I have a dell 2350, there is nothing greater than a PCI slot in there, and i have 4 of those (or maybe its 3). i too have a 5200, im not complaining though, it runs blender just fine. i also bought and ran Half life 2 with medium settings i believe, it only lagged in a few spots, not a big deal.

I think ill be in the market for a new card also though, as we seem to migrate away from the realm of simple-yet-fun games every month.

anyways, i have had no unexpected artefacts with this card at all, you should look into that.

Yeah, all the “entry level” Dells come with no AGP slots. :<
I got my Dell only 1, 1 1/2 years ago I think, brand new, so it’s not old.
You guys with 5200s running Blender fine, how much RAM do you have?
I don’t know if any of you are Civvers, but for some reason, Civ 4 runs real slow on that card. Oh when I said Blender didn’t run fine, I meant the mouse leaves BAD artifacts in the 3D view.

The rendering isn’t too bad.


Holy SHIT. How many FPS is Pong showin?

Holy SHIT. How many FPS is Pong showin?

Dunno. Hehe, about 10. I’m not too picky.

I recommend a geforce 6600GT. You can get it with passive cooling, too.
128mb, because 256mb versions are rare and expensive. However, the price might be a bit over $150. But… hmm you can’t get it pci… I truly recommend updating your motherboard.

I just got a 256mb one for about $150. It works great, especially considering that it’s AGP and not PCI-E on mine.

i would update mobo/cpu before you go laying that out for a vid card. if it only has pci its quite old(how bout some isa slots?)

i ave a 5200 128mb card and 64bit mem interface and it runs perfectly

get like 3dmark2001 and see if you see any artifacting in the tests

If you can afford to, get that mobo upgraded and then purchase yourself a perfectly respectable 6600GT with 128MB RAM.

I use a Gigabyte 6600GT with passive cooling and I think it only costs about £120 here in the UK. Not sure what the cost would be stateside, but it’s worth the money :smiley:

you could probably buy a cheap asus mmobo that has 6250 graphics onboard and a new cpu for around 200-250.

Not possible. He’s got a propietary Dell case, and thus the connections to the case, lights, switches among other things won’t connect to standard mobo. Get a new PC that you built yourself using parts from the likes of newegg and you’re set.

i got the same problem

got an a8n sli expecting it to fit into my case. looked at it and went wtf? this isnt an atx mobo?!?!.
its 9.6x9.6" thank you compaq
Warning: Their is PCI and PCIe(PCI express). They are two different things. Get the PCI only.|c:319|&Sort=3&Recs=10
TigerDirect is a great place to get computer junk. It deals with overstock, and therefore the prices are cheaper.