best graphics tablet for £40 budget?

only ones ive found are a used wapcom bamboo for £25.
or a trust slimline:

these any good for sculpting in blender and photoshop?

I’ve been quite happy with the bamboo myself.
It works just fine for sculpting.

I’m no tablet-expert though, so there may be better
options out there, that i don’t know.

Wacom is considered top of the line when it comes to tablets, though I don’t know much about Trust. Compare dpi sensitivity and see if the Trust requires a battery for the pen, all Wacom pens are wireless and don’t require a battery (pretty nice if you ask me) My gf has the bamboo, and i’ve played with it myself and it’s quite a nice tablet. Haven’t tried it in blender sculpt though.


I love my Genius mousePen 8x6. Amazingly cheap, gets the job done. thru ebay. comes with mouse.

I just got a Genius mousePen 8x6
seems pretty sweet, don’t really know how to use it yet
the price was sure right


Wacoms the way to go, Ive got a litte Bamboo, great for a hobbiest but later if I start doing any real pro work ill probubly get one of the top of the lines ones (and of course be able to afford it by then)
So getting a cheaper small one to start learning with initally is a great idea.

The best graphics tablet is a good, recent one, gently used by a pro who needed something even better … sold on eBay. You have to watch for such things as they come and go, but the world is fairly stuffed with very serviceable electronics equipment that is looking for another good home.

I would much rather buy “last years’ model” of something that is truly good, than an off-the-shelf copy of anything that isn’t.