Best Hardware to work with BGE


I would like to change some hardware in my PC.
What is the best setup for BGE, UPBGE and UPBGE-Eevee?
I working the most with the BGE and I have sometimes trouble
with the Physiks and the Logic when there are many units on the map.
In the last month I optimize my game but there a still some
issuses with the FPS. Now I will buy a new processor for my PC, maybe the Ryzen 7 3800X.
Will this improve Blender’s overall performance or is the the BGE limited?
This are my specs:

Windows 10
Intel Core i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz
48.0 RAM
Quadrom M4000 8GB

Mostly I make games only for myself
I hope you can help me (sorry for my bad english)

If you want the absoulte BEST, quadro or and RTX and a intel core i9 10th gen or a AMD ryzen threadripper is your answer, but other than that, i guess a GTX 1060,1070,1660 or 1080 and a ryzen 7 is more than enough, but its up to your budget to select which will be good for you in terms of price and performance, and yes, hardware doesnt matter much, even an old GPU like a gtx 1050 and a amd ryzen 5 2600 is good if you have proper ideas to OPTIMIZE your game! So, mind your decision

all depends on budget, and if you only make games or play games as welll.

As of today i would go for amd.

atleast a ryzen 5 3600
and a radeon 5700 (xt)
minimium 3000 Mhz ram, if your mobo can handle higher go for higher(ryzen loves fast RAM).

i am having a blast with this setup. It will help with blender, but normal gaming as well, nvidia cards atleast up to 2070 will not beat the 5700 card, and it’s not that expensive.

(But optimization is also a thing in blender)

Hmmmmm… How is threading on the BGE these days?

I seem to remember, that most (all?) logic runs on a single thread?

So perhaps in some ways, the better choice is to have a high clock count instead of many cores?

Go for a quadro, the best, LOL

Mmm. I don’t think the problem was the hardware. Really I don’t know what its your project about and Its quality but unless you are making a Next generation AAA game, I think You have an acceptable hardware (better than mine).
How is the performance of the BGE compared with other Game engines in similar situations?