Best HDR World/Environment presets?


Can someone recommend presets/node group for HDRI friendly and accurate environment lighting.

Thank You

Ehh, not sure what you mean. I have one where I can scale up the brightness of clipped HDRIs, but although this is a group as a whole it’s not a group. If your HDRIs are not clipped (99% of mine are) you wouldn’t need it. Also, I’m only using it for previews, in the end I disable the effect and replace the sun with a sun lamp for less noise.

What is “accurate”? OR do you mean a setup to create your own HDRIs from blender?

For example here’s a brilliant IBL tool that has extra control for gamma, direct light, ambient and more:

I assume ProSkies also has some nodal setup behind it. I’m interested to know what other solutions exist and is there anything that really stands out.