Best Illusion Ever. Take a look.

Stare at the crosshair for exactly 10 sec.

Most amazing illusion ever I´ve seen.

Just sharing with you guys.

That is rather a good one…


If I stare at the cross for 30 secs and then move my focus to the side real quick, I can see a green circle going around.




Woah! That’s awesome!

My eyesight is too messed up for staring at the black mark to work for me… sob

Human brains are crappy. So easily fooled.


For an everyday optical illusion similar to the ‘purple circles vanish’ one:

Find a reasonably plain wall with a lightswitch or some other object on (preferably small compared to the amount of plain wall).

From a few metres away stare fixedly at the switch (this is not too easy, might take a few goes).

The light switch will vanish as your brain eliminates this non moving incongruity from your vision!

I believe the reason this works because the eye is laced with blood vessels, which create dark patches on your vision. However, since they are fixed to the eye they never change place fast, and the brain compensates by guessing what should be there instead of them. Thus any very steadily fixed object in your vision will be wiped out by your brain. Since it is hard to keep staring like that the light switch works best.

Have fun (try not to do this in public, you may get wierd glances)


That is a good one. Aren’t those the same colors you see when you stare at the sun for along time?

Cool! 8) First time I’ve seen this effect in practice.

Anybody here wants an explanation why the pink turns into green? Nobody is asking right now…

:o my eyes

help!help! help!

my eyes are staring!

dot’s everywhere

brains are sometimes idiots

Perceptual Opposites for colors:


Yeh tell me 'bout it, I’m switching to a mechanical one tomorrow. Friggen green dot :x


Er, don’t stare at the sun. Staring at the wall works because of the natural working of our nervous system. Staring at the sun destroys the nervous system. That’s why Galileo was blind at the end of his life: from staring at sunspots. :o :frowning:

Stupid geniuses. Like Newton - came up with some great stuff, then started probing behind his own eye with a wooden tool, as it produced interesting geometric patterns in his sight. Nutter. :smiley:

is that because light green is the negative of the pinky purple that was used?

So that’s what the problem is. You’d think those blinding headaches would keep someone from trying that more than once. :wink:


I dunno that i like to stare at the sun for extended periods of time…suit yourself… %|

I don’t think that one has andything to do with your brain, I think it has to do with a retina burn (Why you see a mark when you stare at a light or the sun for a while). Get a peice of blank paper, and using a bright color, draw and fill in a circleon one side of the paper (not too big, maybe 2 or 3 inches). Now look at the other half of the sheet. You should see the opposite color.