Best inexpensive video card for blender?

Well, I have finally reached the conclusion I should have realized from the start.

I cannot create anything non-trivial in blender with the hardware I have. I think my bottleneck is the graphics card.

I have an old-ish appliance box that runs at 1.3G and has 768 M ram dual booting Win XP and Ubuntu. I realize that isn’t much, but I feel it should be suitable to run blender appreciably- IF I had a real graphics card.

I have an ATI Radeon 7800 which is pretty much worthless for graphics applications. I can’t even run blender in Ubuntu with this card.

I need to get a new card. My primary limiting factor is budget, and my primary driving factor is blender performance.

What would be the best card to get to maximize the cheapness-to-blender-power ratio?

Thanks for your help, everybody.

We’re in the same boat dude. I’d try here:|c:1558|&Sort=4

Its sorted from lowest price to highest. I have a budget right now of $60.